How Being on Top of Your Client’s Billing Will Impress Your Legal Client

31 Aug

How Being on Top of Your Client’s Billing Will Impress Your Legal Client


How Being on Top of Your Client’s Billing Will Impress Your Legal Client

One of the most daunting tasks a lawyer, a law firm, or a client working with a law firm faces is the billing process. Yet it can also be an opportunity to impress your client if you have a billing process that flows smoothly and makes it as easy as possible on your client. This can generate positive word of mouth testimonials from clients and bring new or repeat business through your doors.

However, the good news is that what once was an antiquated process of invoicing can now be mostly automated with today’s billing software designed specifically for law firms. This takes the straign off of you and also frees up team members to work on other tasks than manually invoicing. So, want to wow your clients with your sleek billing process? Here are a few tips:

Have a System in Place

Whether you are one attorney practicing on your own of a full legal services corporation, it is important to have a billing system in place. This system should not vary much from case to case and should flow smoothly each time. Invoices should go out on a certain date, either a date of the month or a date from services rendered, and should stay completely consistent for each client. Similarly, second notices, etc. should always follow in the exact structure.

Use the Right Technology

One of the most impressive ways you can reach your cleint is by letting them know you use modern technology to expedite the billing process. Here are just a few ways you can make the use of technology work to your advantage:

  • Let them know you are automated. Modern Law Firm Billing Software automates the entire process. Let your client know that they will never receive a late invoice, or an invoice with a human error as it is all handled by the latest technology.
  • Show your client that you are a firm that is up to date on modern technology. Being up to date on one thing bodes well for the fact you are up to date on all else.
  • Make your law firm billing software seem bigger than it is. Just because it may be one person that works with the law firm billing software, doesn’t mean that can not be called your billing “department.”
  • Use past examples. By citing past examples of how billing flowed smoothly, your client will be inclined to feel there billing will too.
  • Follow up with a personal touch. Just because you are using law firm billing software doesn’t mean a human touch isn’t appropriate. Have a paralegal follow up after the first invoice to ask the client if they have any questions.

Explain the process. Be up front with your client on how the billing process works. Explain to them each key detail and make sure to ask them if they have any questions. Ask them up front who the point of contact for billing will be on their end and let them know who it will be within your firm.
Call them personally after the second notice. Often, things get lost in paperwork and when your client is late, they may not even know it. Don’t hesitate to call them after a past due notice personally. This can also re-establish connection and generate repeat business.
Let your legal billing software do the work for you. Vet software before you select it. Look to the legal information institute for recommendations on the latest software.

Hire the Right People
As an attorney, billing is not your job, but it is your responsbility. Successful billing can make or break a law firm, and bringing on the right person who can seamlessly manage your firm’s billing while not putting additional work on to anyone’s plate will be the ultimate key to wow your clients.

When considering hiring someone, along with the key attributes of accounting knowledge and skilled with legal billing software, consider hiring someone to manage your billing that can also be client facing. If a person has a strong enough set of people skills to communicate directly with clients’ team members, that is even more work you can delegate to the right person.

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