Tips to Track Your Legal Billing Hours

6 Oct

Tips to Track Your Legal Billing Hours


Tips to Track Your Legal Billing Hours


Some could consider using billing management tools to accurately record and organize billing hours, especially busy professionals like lawyers or accountants, whose salaries are based upon per project or per client hourly rates.


The use of digital technology


You could track these without complicated software, right? A more effective and error-free way to calculate and track legal billing hours should include the use of a legal billing app. Many of which are free, or offer free trial versions. It turns out that they aren’t all that complicated either.


The ability to handle office billing processes


Few tasks are more crucial to the proper functioning of a law firm, then recording time. Tracking and entering values can be a tedious process to many, aggravating to most. For legal billing, bill-per-hour is the common way for a lawyer to charge.


Employ the services of timekeeping apps


Certain apps, like iTimeKeep, is commonly used by lawyers. There are two different options for use, free time for recording or integration with current law firm billing software or management software. The app allows for lawyer-friendly options like the ability to record time whilst on the go, or return to the office and enter data manually. Whether recording time, completing tasks or voice-activating a stopwatch, this can be an entertaining app to use while balancing the budget.


Apps offer the most efficient way to track legal hours


The organization system used by Time Master + Billing allows users to perform a variety of timekeeping functions, another extremely popular app frequented by lawyers. This is a time tracker deluxe. Engineered with the capacity to run and maintain multiple timers, the possibility of making accidental duplicate entries is reduced. This is a phenomenal example of law firm billing software, all wrapped up in an app. Time Master + Billing has the ability to sort and categorize clients efficiently, neatly compiled and presented by task and project. Complete with wonderful search engine precision providing sub categories as well. Juggling the ability to sort clients by unique parameters, the user also has the power to apply multiple billing rates, especially useful if you need to bill the same client more than one rate. This app enables you to do just that.


A different type of legal billing app


When tracking legal billing hours efficiently or filing paperwork for your latest perjury case, the services of an app like Bill4Time could help you sort your material, allowing you to search for desired information rapidly. Bill4Time is a total legal billing software and invoicing system – a comprehensive and complete small business timekeeping system. The mobile app released from the company carries several usable features, from the ability to track everything (including time and project information), to invoicing functions that mimic the powerful software. It is important to note that Bill4Time is not totally independent of the software. To fully use all the features, purchase of the software is required. Some functions of the app could still be useful, recording time is not included as one of the free features.


Tracking legal hours effectively


When tracking legal billing hours, the use of a simple system would be effective

Cleo Time Tracker or PracticePanther’s are extremely user-friendly, designed to simplify user interaction with the app. The efforts have paid off. The app has received rave reviews and high-marks from participants who note the easy-to-understand interface. In addition to being created as user-friendly, the app is also optimized for touch screen devices. One user noted that the ability to switch from matter to matter is easy on Time Tracker. Additional accounting features of this legal billing software include:


  • Easy editing of entries
  • Quick correction of errors on entry
  • Visualization and report tools to track time
  • Export data in CSV format
  • Easy to incorporate into traditional billing systems


The last app to help track legal billing hours is OfficeTime, it is a humble entrant, also the favorite app used by Florida State University law practice and affiliates. A top law firm billing software app, Office Time contains all the necessary components any efficient practicing attorney would want. The ability to track billable time, plus expenses. This app was reviewed and received high ratings by PCMag.


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