5 Ways To Ensure You Continue Receiving Money

21 Aug

How a Legal Billing Software Can Ensure You Aren’t Underpaid


Keep Everything In Order

A LEGAL BILLING SOFTWARE is just one o the advantages to the improvements our society has recently made in technology. These softwares can keep track of your legal document, files, and paperwork. Most importantly, they provide a much easier and less complicated way to keep tracking or your billable hours and make sure that you are not being underpaid. One of the most stressful parts about being an attorney is having to keep track of how long your worked on each task and having to organize that information based on the system that your client prefers. It is time consuming and easy to make mistakes. It would be bad practice to be overpaid, so many attorneys end up earning less money than they really should because it is so difficult to keep up with these hours. It is a tedious task that most attorneys dread. LEGAL BILLING SOFTWARE provides a solution for this issues and allows you to organize everything, including your time. This leads to a more efficient law firm and also promotes productivity in attorneys.

Benefits of Billing Software

There are variety of LEGAL BILLING SOFTWARE that can be great for any workplace. The introduction of technology into the workplace is making huge positive changes and one of these is the ability to delegate your menial tasks to an electronic device. Many attorneys have noticed outstanding Mac Productivity ever since they implemented a LAW FIRM BILLING SOFTWARE into their law firm. The option of software you choose will depend on what type of law firm you are at and what type of services you generally provide to your clients. There is a great option for everyone. Some of the most popular LAW FIRM BILLING SOFTWARE include Filevine, Smokeable, and Firm Central. Here are some ways in which these softwares can improve your workplace and ensure that you are receiving the appropriate amount of compensation.

  • Destress. You no longer need to worry about miscounting an hour or accidentally putting it under the wrong time frame. A billing software will ease your worries and make coming to works something that you look forward to. It will also decrease stress in your everyday life.
  • Organization. By using a billing software in order to stay organized, you will improve your Mac Productivity and also make it easier to stay on track of what you need to do. It will be easier to stay on top of your hours and you will receive the correct amount of money and not be underpaid by the client.
  • Time. A billing software will save you countless hours of filling out time cards and trying to stay on top of how much you have worked what project. It also eliminates the confusion of different billing plans because the software will work all of that out for you. You will be able to spend all of your time working on the case and not worrying about receiving the correct compensation.

Billing Software Keeps Track Of Hours

There is currently no better way to keep track of your billable hours than by using billing software. These softwares have the ability to complete revolutionize your law firm and make everything run more smoothly. It will also prevent any mistakes in keeping track of hours or filling out a payment plan incorrectly. This is all thanks to this innovative new technology that is changing the way in which law firms are run and greatly increasing the amount of work attorneys are able to get done every day. They also result is faster payment because it is all processed electronically and you do not have to wait for someone to sort through all of your paperwork and determine whether it has been filled out properly.

Improve Productivity And Keep Track Of Money

Using a billing software will vastly improve the efficiency in which you, as an attorney, are able to get work done. All those wasted hours filing paperwork and writing down hours worked can be eliminated. That time can now be used to work on cases and better help clients. It is also a great way to keep track of your money and it prevents underpayment. It also helps with Research Management and Citation. The software does everything for you and keeps everything organized so you do not have to stress yourself about the little things. With a billing software, you can rest assured that your work is properly documented and you are not being underpaid.
20 Aug

How to Work With Your Clients Financial Abilities


How to Work With Your Clients Financial Abilities

As an attorney, it is inevitable that a wide variety of clients will come through the door. From varying cases, to varying circumstances and, of course, from varying financial means. starting an engagement with direct communication with clients when it comes to billing will greatly help both sides complete a case with a successful partnership. Just as you, as the attorney, needs to make sure you are paid for your services, your client needs to be sure that they can pay for those services.

Know Your Own Limitations

When navigating your clients financial ability to pay, whether that be to pay a certain amount or to pay on a payment schedule, it is absolutely necessary to know your own limitations first. This may mean knowing what you are realistically capable of offering (does your firm even allow for a payment plan?), or knowing how the process works.

If your firm has automated law firm billing software, the process becomes much easier. Software like this is designed to work within the ever-changing constraints of the financial abilities of individual clients. Legal billing software is designed to use automated systems that can easily pivot based on what the client can pay and when. If your client needs a payment structure set up for their services, it is imperative to know just what can be provided by your firm before settling on a payment strucutre.

When considering pootential limitations to working with your clients financial abilities, here are a few things to consider:

  • Who is the final decision maker when finalizing a payment structure? Is it billing? Is it a senior partner, or is it you?
  • Are there any limitations to the law firm billing software you currently use?
  • Does your firm work with a wholistic CRM of law firm billing software that unifies billing and case management such as South Dakota Odyssey Case Management System or is are there multiple gears spinning you need to asess?
  • Will there be additional team members that need to be added to this particular case that will affect billing?
  • How will the final fees incurred or bill structure change depending on how the case is resolved?

Be Up Front With Your Clients

Clients who may not be able to fully pay for your services up front will appreciate you being up front with them about the billing process. Not to mention that dishonesty about billing has ramifications similar to perjury. Billing for services rendered can become a struggle between client and attorney if communication up front is not clear and concise. Taking the time to sit down with your client, whether it is you personally or a paralegal, and explain how the process works, what and when they can expect to be billed will do wonders to set a benchmark for what is expected of them in terms of payment.

Open and honest communication about billing can not only make your current client/attorney relationship stronger, it also builds the opportunity for that client to come back in the future, as well as give word of mouth testimonials to others that can bring new clients through your doors that may have never thought to engage with you.

Be Cognizant of your Client’s True Financial Ability.
When seeking counsel, many clients may not fully comprehend the fees that they will incur over the course of a case, especially a case like fraud or perjury. Learning more about your client’s true financial abilities will allow you to be more transparent with them in providing counsel. For example, if the case does not result in the desired outcome, will your client still be able to pay? If not, consider the end result for the client.

Consult Additonal Sources if Needed
In any case where an attorney needs to work with their client in the financial aspect of the case, it can provide benefit down the road to intiially consult with any other people at the firm that will be affected. This could be people in the billing department that work with the legal billing software and do the actual invoicing, or it could be senior members of the firm that set limitations on how flexibile attorneys can be with billing.

Overall, by working together at the beginning of the engagement, you can set a level playing field and come to an arrangement that will allow both parties to move forward smoothly and with set expectations.

19 Aug

4 Tips When Deciding Your Legal Fees


How to Decide Your Legal Fees

Who said it was fun having to protect your rights and currency, and who really wants to deal with lawyers?

Lawyers can be expensive, and legal billing software may show that, although they will always try to handle your case methodically and professionally. They have your side to defend with years of experience. So how do you decide who to hire? Should you hire a paralegal instead?

Here are 4 tips when deciding your legal fees:


It’s always best to meet with your lawyer selection in person. After you have picked out and determined by phone several lawyers you want to meet, then it’s time to set an appointment and meet each one face-to-face. The first consultation is usually free, although it may not be in person and only over the phone.

By meeting a couple lawyers you feel may be able to handle your particular case, you will be able to screen for yourself and find the person and company which best matches your legal dilemma. A lawyer that listens to what you have to say will be able to represent you better, than a lawyer who thinks they know what your case is all about.


Many lawyers will first take note of your case and then make suggestions and write up a proposal for your review before they use their law firm billing software. Make sure you receive a quote on the type of payments expected from you and at what point in the case.

Usually a contract is signed with the exact terms regarding the details of what the lawyer will be defending, including a timeline on how that will be done. Sometimes it’s in stages and sometimes it involves a paralegal. Before that however, your lawyer will have to:

a) Investigate all the facts
b) Collect all the evidence
c) Hear your suggestions and get your input
d) Listen to the arguments from the opposing side
e) Research the details of the case
f) Come up with a detailed and specific plan
g) Execute and perform with a winning advantage

An expensive lawyer is not necessarily the best. Yet lawyers that have not as much experience charge less hourly using legal billing software, since they are either new or not well known. A lawyer with a reputation, through word-of-mouth, is usually the best type to select from your pool of lawyers, if there is such a thing.


Previously lawyers were not really permitted to advertise as it was considered to be unethical. Nowadays, and after a ruling from the Supreme Court, it became evident that lawyers could, to a certain extent, find clients through some type of limited marketing and use legal billing software. One of the ways is putting out an ad in the paper or getting a listing in the Yellow Page directory. Today tweeting and registering your firm or service online and on all types of social media is hip.

Many lawyers have press releases or articles on the case that was resolved, how it was resolved, what the outcome was, how much it cost, and so on. At other times experience only comes with time, and many competent lawyers with particular skills can be singled out immediately from those that don’t.


So it’s finally time to make a decision on who would best represent you. If you know a judge or magistrate or if you have lawyer friends or relatives, then you can always ask them what they think before you hire that person or law firm.

The worst thing is to rush into a situation that you’ll regret in the end; i.e. hiring a lawyer that charges you lots of money, with an outcome regarding your case where there’s no advantage.

Remember to be realistic and realize that lawyers can only do so much for you or your loved one. The rest of the time it depends on the information that you share with them.

It’s a good idea to make a resume of the case at hand for yourself, before you contact any lawyer, so that you will be precise and specific in what it is you’re asking them to do for you. In such cases it’s unlikely that you’ll be cheated out of your rights and money, because you’ll be able to monitor their performance and gauge the results and suggestions that are being presented to you.

18 Aug

Top Financial Questions to Discuss with Your New Legal Client


Financial questions that you can expect from your advisor

Everyone wants their financial advisor to be guiding them through their troubles, and hopefully to financial independence. However, how can you be sure that the person you are trusting with your financial portfolio is truly going to be doing the job efficiently and correctly? This article will be exploring what you should be looking for when speaking to an advisor, how to get more currency, and what questions should be presented to you. Additionally, this article will offer an inside look at some helpful financial management systems such as legal billing softwares, and law firm billing software.


What to Expect


An important element to keep in mind is that not all financial advisors will be the same. Everyone will have their own style and their own methods of asking you questions to improve your savings. In comparison, There are such baseline questions that are crucial to discuss. Every finance manager will be interested in what kind of savings you have and what steps you have already taken towards a better portfolio. An example of some of these questions will go as follows.

  • Are you protecting your income?
  • Do you have a plan?
  • Have you given thought to how your financial plan could impinge on your family?
  • How are you managing your taxes?
  • What asset do you have?Are your assets protected?
  • Do you have a plan for retirement?


How to Prepare


Meeting with a financial planner can be nerve-wracking, trusting another person with your life savings can be an incredibly difficult obstacle to overcome. Make sure when you do meat a financial planner, discuss your financial situation, currency, and client perjury. In order to meet with your financial advisor, there are certain steps that you must take in order to have your first successful meeting. More than 75% of people have no idea, or do not want to admit their own financial weaknesses. Hence, possibly millions of people will struggle with the same issues for years out of result of the fact that they do not realize the mistakes they are making. For that reason, understanding your own financial vulnerabilities will aid you in working with a planner. After examining your own flaws, work on building statements for all your accounts. In all likelihood, a financial planner will ask to examine your savings for accounts such as your 401K, saving accounts and investing accounts.


Legal Billing Software


Because of the modern movement of legal billing software, receiving notices as well as making payments has never been easier.  Most of this legal billing software is designed to track the hours of employees, send invoices, and track billings. In the same sense law firm billing software systems such as PracticePanther, Ebillity, Freshbooks and CosmoLex can help attorneys appropriately coordinate their billing systems.


New Software Developments


Out of result of a large case load that couldn’t be handled in due time, the FairFax Circuit Court established the differentiated case tracking program. Currently, FairFax serves an astounding number of customers, with over 800,000 clients there was an absolute need for this system. Contrary to the old school system of attorneys and litigants scheduling the times for when a case would be brought to court. Before these systems were launched, the courts would hire more judges in order to keep up with a heavy load of work. However, with this new branch of technology, the justice system is now scheduled accordingly and efficiently. Additionally, the system takes a massive responsibility off of the director of state courts. The results of this program can be observed in the early 90s’. In 1992 over 53% of all cases were managed by the tracking program. During this time the company proved to be beneficial for over 30,000 people.


The Wrap Up


In conclusion, it is a wise choice to educate yourself on the habits of financial advisors, know your own statements, and always come prepared for any question. Employing a financial advisor can save you from the turbulences of paying unnecessary taxes and they will help you stay on track for your long-term goals. The financial world is constantly making incredible progress. With systems such as the tracking program, paying taxes, transferring money and keeping your portfolios organized has never been easier.


17 Aug

How Your Income Can Alternate with Your Work


How to Incorporate Law Firm Billing and Management Programs


You are taking in money every day from a number of sources, and you must ensure that you have legal billing software that will help you take payments, send payments and manage your finances. You may use law firm billing software at any time when you managing your finances, and you must ensure that you coordinated with everyone from your partners to the director of state courts. Legal information institute associates will learn how to use these programs, and you may keep control of your finances when you simply must make hard choices.


#1: Law Firm Billing Software Controls Your Accounting


Legal billing software will help you control your payments, create bills and send invoices to clients. You will accept payments through the online portal that is created by the program, and you will give your clients many chances to pay you. They are more willing to pay you when they have a simple way to reach you, and they will help you create cash flow in the office. It is much easier for you to ensure that you are receiving your payments in a timely manner, and you will avoid the loss of accounts or collections calls you must make.


#2: Coordinating With The Court


You may coordinate with the court at any time you like, and there are many people who will find that the court system syncs well with a system like this. You may coordinate payments with the court in the same manner you would with a client, and you will have every opportunity to make changes to the way you receive send cash to the government.

#3: Teach Your Staff To Use The System


You may teach your staff to use the legal billing software, and you will see each person in your office using the program to get their work done. You may teach your secretary or receptionist to do the work, and you may ask your staff to enter their own hours and bill their clients. You will have a steady stream of income that is coming into the office, and you will find that there is a large set of cash payments coming in every day. It is much simpler for you to complete the work that must be done when you know that your payments are coming in.

#4: Taking Notes


You may take case notes in the system, and you will find that there are a number of people who will leave their case notes with their billable hours. You will have all the acces to the information in a case, and you may compile the information that is required for your work. You have many options when you are compiling information for your information with other members of the staff. Ensure that you are taking your notes consistently, and ask your staff to compile notes in a place where everyone may access them.


#5: Creating Recordings


You may create recordings with this program, and you will find that the depositions you take will be saved in the program. The program will do all the work in terms of securing your data, and you will find that the recordings are held in a secure server. You may tell your clients that their information has been secured. You will ensure that recordings have been collected for the purposes of your case, and you may send them to anyone you like. There are quite a few people who will need those recordings, and you have the confidence that they are safely within your program.


#6: Send Emails


You may send emails in this system at any time, and you will find that there are many different people who need information sent to them over email. You will send secure emails from the program, and you may share any piece of information that is required. You will find that there are a number of people who will respond to you in like manner, and it will be simpler for you to complete tasks that require an email account. Everything you must do is contained in this system.


You will make your business much more efficient when you begin to use the legal billing software, and you may create as many different accounts as you like in the program. Manage your client accounts using the program, and you will notice how much easier it is to create cash flow for your business. You may keep case notes in the system, and you may build a client base in a single program.


16 Aug

Tips for Income Management

Managing Your Income Stream

Lawyers take a lot of jokes from those outside the industry. It ranges from those who really cannot stand lawyers to those who just think the jokes are funny. One of the things that people like to joke about in relation to lawyers is about how much money they make. It is commonly believed that all lawyers make a huge amount of money. That is not always the case, but it usually is true that lawyers tend to have several streams of income at any one time. Managing them is what South Dakota Odyssey case management is all about.

How to Balance Everything

Software type programs such as differentiated case tracking program are great for helping lawyers keep it all in balance. We use computers for just about everything these days, so it is not entirely surprising that we also use them for managing streams of income. That is what lawyers with strong practices do at least. The law firm billing software is something that manages where the money is, who has paid, and who still needs to turn over some currency.

How A Legal Billing Software Will Help

Law firm billing software is also great for managing clients in terms of where in the process their case is. A lot of times with lawyers the way they get paid has everything to do with what stage of the case a certain client has reached. Some of these client’s cases are more complex than others, and the more complex the case the more money that may be required. Legal billing software can keep it all straight.

Available to All Practices

Legal billing software is available for law firms no matter what type of law that particular lawyer happens to be practicing. There are law firm billing software programs that are specifically designed to handle the various types of law that one may be working in.

Most lawyers are handling multiple cases at any given time. They have particular timelines that they must stick to. They must appear in court at certain set times and have to spend a lot of their other working hours collecting evidence, reviewing files, and advertising to try to attract new clients. With all of these various things going on, it is great if a lawyer can take one more task off of his or her own plate. Law firm billing software makes the billing part of the job just a little bit easier.

Given that most law firms have paralegals who do a lot of the office administrative work, those paralegals are sure to be happy to have a piece of software that can make their job that much easier. They will be able to look at the facts and figures that they need to do their job well and not have to go through all of the paperwork that was once a part of the job.

Software programs help create invoices for clients and can help create schedules for billing those clients. That makes sense because it is very important to get those bills out at the right times. It is also critical to ensure that no clients get away with not paying the legal bills that they rightfully owe to their lawyers. It is clear that some would like to slip out on their legal bills if they could, but this software helps make sure that will not happen.

Some lawyers work on a contingency. This means that they only get paid when their clients get paid. This would be common in a lawsuit case against a company or another individual. Given this, there are software programs that can help lawyers who work with this type of system as well. A lot of lawyers like to advertise that they do their work this way because more people would prefer to pay a lawyer only when they get the results that they want. Since the legal field is moving more and more in this direction, you should keep an eye out for what legal software will look like going forward.

Maintaining income streams and always having tabs on them matters so greatly for lawyers. Do not go another day without getting software to help manage exactly what is happening within the practice. It makes everyone’s life a little easier.

15 Aug

4 Ways Successful Lawyers Plan Financially


Four Ways Lawyers Plan With Legal Billing Software

Lawyers may use legal billing software to plan the success of their businesses, and there is a use for law firm billing software at each stage of development. A business that is growing every day must be given as many opportunities as possible to expand, and the software will cut back on the issues that you have. You may control all your finances using this program, and you will feel as though you may contain everything in one place. This article shows you how to manage your finances using one of these programs, and you will find that everyone in your office may learn how to use the software.

#1: What Is The Purpose Of The Legal Billing Software?

You may manage everything from accounting to currency when you hire a legal services corporation to help you, and they will give you software that controls every dollar that moves through your office. It is much easier for you to control your money when you have everyone working in the same system, and you will find that the legal billing software starts with the first intake, goes through payroll and helps you prepare your tax returns.

#2: How Do You Record Hours?

You may record billable hours for the practice in the program, and you will find that there are a number of different people who will enjoy and appreciate having a place to record hours the moment they have been worked. You may enter your schedule into the system, and you will move from one task to the other because you are not forgetting your hours log.

#3: Write Checks

You may write checks through the system, and you will find that there are a number of different people who need to receive a check from your office. You may ask the program to create your checks, and you will feel as though you have given yourself the finest opportunity to run through your financial responsibilities in moments.

#4: Completing Payroll

You may complete and reconcile payroll in moments when you are using the program. The software will create all the checks for your staff members, and it will help you send direct deposits when needed. You may not know how to manage your payroll without help from the program, and it will do everything on your behalf. You will keep your staff happy, and you may track everything from vacation days to sick days using the program. You may send tax money to the government, and you may pay for benefits through the program. It is quite simple to use, and it is much easier to manage than any other program you could imagine.
#5: Billing Clients

You are more than welcome to bill clients, and you will find that they may receive bills over email, text or the mail. You may send a bill to a client for services rendered to the client, or you may send a reminder for a particular type of payment. You likely have a number of different bills that must be sent everything, and you will notice that you have many clients who are receiving payments from you. You may send them payment notifications, and you may send balance statements using the program.

#6: Creating Reports

You may create reports for your business at any time, and you will notice that your business becomes more efficient because you are building reports for every scenario. The people that work for you will read the reports, and they may send the reports to the people that are serviced by your business. You may use these reports to file your taxes, and you may use these reports to help your shareholders understand what you are doing. There are many different things that you may do to ensure that you have proper financials for the month, and you may print them directly from the program.

Your business relies on the financial reports that you create with this program, and you will find that there are a number of other tasks you will shorten simply by using this program. You should build a business that is organized and efficient, and you will do so simply by investing in billing software. The billing software you use will make your business much easier to manage, and you will feel as though you have taken steps to make your company more efficient with its money. You may become quite a success because of the work you have done while using such simple law firm billing software.

14 Aug

Neatly Addressing Your Firms Financial Concerns


Carefully Addressing Concerns For Your Law Firm With Law Firm Billing Software

You may use law firm billing software to ensure that your law firm is managed properly, and you will earn quite a lot more money when you are using these programs. There are many things to take care of including currency issues, finance options for clients and the general accounting for your firm. You must ensure that as a paralegal, you have the information you need for an upcoming perjury case, and you will have everything contained in a central location.

#1: Avoiding Billing Losses

You could lose quite a lot of money if your practice does not use the accounting software properly, and you will lose billing hours when they are not logged properly. There are many people coming in and out of your office every day, and there are many more people who call your office or require passive services. You must ensure that you have logged every hour you have worked, and the hours will be pulled into the accounting portion of your legal billing software.

#2: Avoiding Missed Payments

You will see your clients make payments more often than not when they are receiving reminders from your program, and they will make their payments in an online payment portal that was created for you. You may not realize how simple it is to ask your clients for a payment when they may pay online, and you will cut down on collections calls. Your lawyers do not have time to do this work, and your clerical staff have other things they must do.

#3: Avoid Miscommunication

Miscommunication in your office is a serious problem because you will lose money every time your office is not functioning. You will avoid missed data points when you use legal billing software, and you will avoid confused clients who cannot get information from you. There are many people who wish to use the system to send notes with their documents, and they may use the system to store documents to be used by someone else. Your office may communicate within itself using this system, and you will find that the people who use the system regularly are more likely to get work done faster.

#4: Send Documents Quickly

You may send documents quickly to anyone you like, and it is quite simple to ensure that you have packaged your documents in the proper way. You will learn how to send large packets of documents to anyone you like, and you will store the sent messages in a place that makes them easier to retrieve. You may send a document to a partner firm in seconds, or you may communicate with the court to avoid problems with the court system.

#5: Create Tax Documents

You must create tax documents for your business that will lay out everything that your company has done over the past year. The amount of information that you use to create a tax document is quite large, and you must give your accountant confidence by printing reports from the law firm billing software that tell them all they need to know. They are counting on you to do right by them, and they will be pleased to know that you have built a wealth of information that may be used for any purpose. You may file your own return if you wish, and you will not make mistakes that are common.

#6: Communication Logs

You may keep communication logs with the software that will tell you how often you have spoken with your clients. They are hoping for updates, and you must call or email as much as possible to ensure that your clients are aware of what is going on with their case. You do not want your clients to be left without information, and you do not want to push them into a panic when they have not heard from you. You may create a much better profile for your business using the software, and you may print reports at any time that explain the realities of your business. You may show clients how often you have called them, and they will know why you billed them in a particular manner.

You must use law firm billing software to ensure that you have taken the appropriate steps to safeguard your finances, and you may use it to collect data about your business. To learn more you can visit University of Georgia‘s website. The client who works with you every day will have a complete record of all that you have done for them, and you will avoid losses in the billing process.

13 Aug

Simple Ways to Track Your Extra Dollars


Straightforward Methods to Track Your Extra Dollars


Working in a law firm involves a lot of procedures and paperwork. Bookkeeping, therefore, comes in as a crucial factor considering that specific clients will be charged differently. Whatever service it may be, optimal efficiency must be observed in all the specialties of operations. At the same time, you cannot disregard the fact that competition keeps mounting every dawn. Maintaining relevance in such a field is the only thing that will get you growing. One must also work towards enhancing the quality of service while maintaining minimal costs. Embracing technology helps you a great deal in capturing billable time, hence tracking every extra dollar. These are among the essentials for the law office you can never overlook.


Fundamentals About A Law Firm Legal Billing Software


This is a software program designed to ease office billing activities. The program is created primarily to ensure maximized profitability for law firms. Legal billing software programs do not just take care of the minor billing details but also streamline other activities attached to a client’s billing. The most interesting is that they provide high technological solutions whether on online or offline mode. Companies designing the programs are always committed to enlightening their customers on usage. Tracking expenses at the firm is done so well that you will not lose a penny if the software is managed rightly. Some of the program’s functionalities include:


  • Helps Maintain Contact List


The legal billing software contains modern day features that help in data keeping. As such, you can easily track a particular contact with all their records. The program also provides an address book that plays a critical role in ensuring that data is not re-entered. Entering same data time and again results in confusion with statements. It would also easily attract disputes with the customers.

  • Ensures you Keep Time and Honor Deadlines


As it is, one might get overwhelmed by the many cases addressed within the same period. You require a law firm billing software that has a timer. The timing feature enables you to choose whether to use their inbuilt features or enter time manually. If you opt to go manual, you will keep feeding the system with accurate time spent working on a particular case. For the ingrained timer, it enters time for you and keeps records without fail.


  • Keeps you in the Know Concerning your Financial Records


You need this program to improve and correctly track your overall cash stream. When you carefully monitor your cash flow, it is also easy to avoid any disputes arising over billing issues. The software enables you to view the actual financial pulse of your investment, which also positively impacts accounting law.


  • Legal Billing Software is a Sure Investment


The program’s effectiveness qualifies it to be an investment and not an expense. Accuracy is a great essential for the law office and adds to profitability in the business. As such, it quickly pays back the capital you invested in the initiative.


Details to Guide Your Search for a Perfect Law Firm Billing Program


Law firm billing and accounting law has never been easier than it is with adoption of state of the art technology. An excellent software should be user-friendly and efficient. It should not take you so much time understanding its interface. As well, it should have the above mentioned essential billing features. When the need arises, this is the program you will be using to generate business reports. Therefore, you must ascertain that it performs excellently in the service too. Every far-sighted law practicing attorney already knows what it means to sway with the technological tides. The benefits realized are numerous.


In a Nutshell


Shopping for a good software program is not so big of an issue as long you have the right networks. Consider checking around with businesses venturing in this kind of technology. While at it, check that you do not rush into acquiring one without doing your due diligence. Remember with time several alternatives are coming up, and not all will match your needs. This does not mean you should be rigid while doing your search. Have in mind that there might not be a perfect program that will cover your needs entirely. However, you should work towards getting your closest match. Invest quality time in viewing different options so that you ultimately settle on a choice that will not leave you in regrets. Also, check that their charges are something you can go by. At the end of the day, though, quality should guide your decision-making.


12 Aug

How to Develop Successful Finance Habits


How To Manage Law Firms Successfully

Developing successful financial habits in a law firm is not a complicated matter that requires rigorous training. Clear policies can help promote the practice with time. However, there are institutions of higher education which are finding the need to equip their learners with financial planning. An example of such schools is the University of Georgia which has made financial planning an interdisciplinary field of study.

How to Manage Finances Successfully

A law firm should practice the following if it wants to develop successful financial habits;
1. Have Clear billing policies and procedures. Proper systems should be set to take into account when and how payments should be made to the company. The policies should also stipulate the limit on the amount that can be approved for payment to suppliers.
2. Use of Technology. The old days of storing a huge chunk of paperwork are gone, and paperless documentation has become the usual way of doing things. Any firm that wants to succeed in its financial management has to invest in reliable application and software packages that make billing and invoicing easy. Legal departments and lawyers should invest in a good law firm billing software to aid in managing finances.
3. Carrying out a regular follow-up. This is the only way to convert receivables into cash if a company does not want to fall victim of writing off bad debts. A monthly monitoring is the most recommended timely follow-up.
4. Timely billing. This calculates to adequate collections. A firm should have different billing strategies for various categories of cases. For example, transactional cases should be billed at or before their closing since clients are likely to reinvest the proceeds. On the other hand, billing of litigation files should be monthly.
5. Have a financial manager. Not all lawyers can handle finances and collect bills from clients well. Instead of doing such tasks they are not good in, an expert should handle the monetary tasks of billing, collection, budgeting, and record-keeping for them.
6. Transparency. This is a great virtue in financial management. A firm should have a free exchange of information regarding finances in the organization to foster growth.
7. Use of financial reports. They help promote proper billing and collection customs. Regular review of the financial reports with those involved in collection or billing is another useful practice. The publication of these reports is also important in keeping all members of the firm on their toes.
8. Insist on cash retainers. It is important t to have cash retainers when engaged with another small local company or one that is in another state.

Case Management

There are various case management options for law firms today. An example is Filevine, a customized case management designed for plaintiff-side law firms. Filevine integrates intelligent communication to run efficiently. Harvard Law School case management is also used to support the handling of document’s, cases and clients through Time Matters. When handling data, it is important to practice proper research management and citation. A firm has to have a bibliographic tool that helps in the organization of studies and references.

The Use of Law Firm Billing Software

Law firm Billing Software is an application used by advocates and legal departments. CICERO LawPack V10 is one of the best law firm billing software with over 30 years of use. However, the software is not the same as it was years ago but is rather evolving with time. It allows integration of applications so that data can only be entered once without the need of updating all the other applications records independently. CICERO V10 determines the rates of each job, case or lawyer. Other than determining the rates, the application also provides the status of all the cases providing a positive and smooth monitoring of cash flow.

The Billing Process

A legal billing software aids in ensuring accuracy in billing preparation. These software packages consist built-in practice management software that interlinks all the aspects of your firm. Examples of legal billing software packages include Amicus Attorney, ProLaw, Clio and Abacus Law.

The Use of Billing Applications

1.PracticePanther helps in managing finances as it works hand in hand with Quick Payroll and Peachtree. It offers specialized collections of reports, facilitates budgeting and tracks expenses.
2.Abacus is a unique software which provides one-click time and billing.
3.Clio gives law firms a direct pricing model. This software and PracticePanther charge every attorney $49 as monthly subscription fee and $25 to every other support staff in the organization.
4. Amicus Attorney allows easy transition from QuickBooks as it is compatible with QuickBooks.