How to Accurately Bill for Your Time

31 Oct

8 Legal Billing Tips for Real Estate Attorneys


Why is Billing For Real Estate Lawyers Different?

Real estate lawyers face some of the same challenges that other lawyers face when billing and collecting outstanding balances from customers. However there are unique challenges that lawyers in real estate face that are unique to them when it comes to billing. Addressing these issues proactively will help to improve the challenges that real estate attorneys face in accounting for their practice. Here are eight billing tips for real estate attorneys.

1) Using A Quality Legal Billing Software Program

While many real estate firms don’t bill by the hour and instead charge by transaction, having a legal billing system in place can help to document the steps and charges and help to show clients the work and effort placed into the case. Doing so will help to improve on your billing process and improve on collections.

2) Integrating Your Law Firm Billing Software with Your Finance Software

Law firms will need to bill their clients to get paid and real estate attorneys can quickly and more efficiently bill their clients when they integrate their legal billing software directly with their finance ERP system. Since real estate attorneys have a lot of small cases that they handle an integration from billing with the legal billing software can cut down on mistakes and errors and improve on the collection time for real estate attorneys.

3) Using a Quality Case Management System to Monitor Different Clients

Unlike other forms of law which handle larger clients, real estate attorneys often deal with smaller transactions, particularly for those who handle smaller residential homes. A quality case management system like that sold by the South Dakota Odyssey Case Management program provides numerous benefits including allowing you to:

– segregate receipts of funds on behalf of clients that you need to segregate from the standard legal funds that you receive for services
– allows for a more organized and streamlined manner of organizing your finances relating to the various cases that you handle
– provides a document storage solution for real estate transactions that allow you to easily retrieve data and documents
– provides for a complete billing solution that saves details of your financial documents at all times

4) Use Standard Engagement Letters that Are Complete and Enforceable

Engagement letters between real estate lawyers and clients really protect both parties from potential billing pfoblems that will be encountered and allow for a quick remedy to issues that you are encountered. Engagement letters best serve a purpose when the legal service is contested, particularly in larger real estate transactions or when the deal ultimately falls through and the parties try to avoid their legal bills in what was a fruitless exercise. An signed engagement letter helps to protect the law firm from these situations and protects them from the marked arguments that can arise. It can also help to avoid claims of perjury by your clients and claims that you didn’t properly represent their interests.

5) Use Checkists to Avoid Errors and Missing Billing

Have an organized system to surround your billing and to make sure that customers are billed in a timely manner. Checklists and documented policies and procedures manuals will help to make sure that staff members who are in charge of billing from the law firm billing software program know what steps they need to take at each point and avoid items falling through the cracks.

6) Documenting Expenses and Filing Fees

Real estate firms sometimes need to pay expenses on behalf of clients in order to speed transactions along. Paying reimbursable filing fees and other expenses may be part of the process of being a real estate attorney but firms need to make sure that they recover these costs in addition to the printing fees and other client related costs. Make sure that you Law Firm has a process built in to capture these costs and have them reimbursed by your clients.

7) Hire A Bookkeeper or External Party to Handle Billing

By hiring a bookkeeper or employee designated with billing your real estate attorneys on staff can avoid the call of administrative work and focus on the process of handling customers and not billig. It also avoids the potential inaccuracy in their billing.

8) Having a Client Sign that the Services Were Successfully Completed

Billing disputes can sometimes be avoided when a real estate law firm has a transaction signed off by a client as having been completed. This step, while not always binding in court, can help to avoid billing disputes at the end of a case.

30 Oct

5 Tips to Bill and Log Legal Phone Calls


What To Learn After Law School

Billing is a nuisance to all lawyers in the industry. Unfortunately, law school does not offer the experience that is billing. There are many wrong ways in which you could capture bills, for example, a lawyer who thought he could bill a client 29 hours in one way. You can consider using the a legal billing software to do your billing. The following are some top five tips on ensuring effective billing.

1. Get Money Up Front

It is recommendable to get money in advance because the clients are happier making decisions beforehand rather than hitting the client with the bill after receiving the services. You can :

• Discuss a payment plant with the client where they pay in phases
• Discuss whether the client can pay beforehand or after.

While billing you should also make sure that you find the perfect balance of invoice detail. It is the attorney’s job to explain the charges and not the client’s job to figure out the details. If the client is still unhappy with the charges you can decide if you want the client of if you desperately need the money and if you do, you should never cut the fee but instead quote it for the person because discounts tend to have more clients who default their payments. Moreover, install a top legal billing software or get legal services corporation.

2. Pay Attention to Detail

For starters, you should give the client detailed items and this is something that clients are sure to appreciate and have fewer questions about the invoices. This means that you should break down your time and billing by some characteristics like;
• File
• Client
• Practice area
• Matter AreaA description which is also brief will make it hard to evaluate the aptness of a particular duty executed and still the time used to perform that particular task.

3.) Do Not Bill In Blocks

Block billing defines the practice of recording a collection of responsibilities in a block summary in one single time entry. One should break down the number of tasks you have so that you do not have too many large blocks of time at one particular time. You should bill early, often and strategically. Instead of billing hours more than two hours on responding to discovery you could break this down into;• Reviewing demands
• Reviewing files
• Telephone conferences
• Summarizing depositions
• Calling client on matters of missing documents

Also make billing a habit. You should not the time you start, the time you finish and enter the exact times make sure to be accurate. When billing your time, you should make sure that as you begin, you must have to have an end-goal in mind and effective time keeping will lead to billing accuracy that in turn leads to satisfaction and loyalty.

When you do block billings, this can be seen like a way to hide incompetence and numerous courts don’t allow block billings since it impedes actual reimbursement of lawyer fees subsequent a judgement that has been made.

You should also familiarise yourself with client billing rules,Mac Productivity and techniques and these guidelines are usually inside the customer’s retaining or letter of engagement. The payment procedures may contain employment limitations, budgetary procedures, disbursement guidelines and also detailed timekeeping rules. Ask if there is a legal billing software that will fit the clients needs.

A particular client also an assigned code that is unique to the client and the purpose of familiarizing yourself with customer billing procedures is education and properly applying the myriad of specialized task grounded payment codes matchless to each other. Confirm if there is an available law firm billing software that will suit the clients needs.

4.) Use of Simple Language

You should always remember you audience when you are recording time entries. Your clients are not lawyers so most of the time they may not be able to understand the jargon of lawyers. Your clients could be;

• Elderly people
• Unskilled labourers
• People with only a high school diploma

This means you should avoid complicated legal terms, abbreviations or slang when you are describing activities that are billable and instead use simple terms so as to not frustrate you client. Look for the available law firm billing software to ease the billing work.

You should also remember that not only one person but by various individuals at different levels and even third part auditors, a paralegal and legal professionals.

5.) Ask For Referrals

Many clients that have accounts that are not in the well to do category simply do not have the money that you require from them. Sometimes letting a bill go unpaid may be good for business sometimes. Most clients that experience financial hardship cites this as the main reason for not paying their legal fees however some lawyers let unpaid bills go in exchange bills go for referral business, but one should be careful when doing this so that they do not operate on complete losses.

30 Oct

How a Legal Billing Software Will Help You Convert Your Billable Time into Invoices


How To Use Legal Billing Software To Convert Billable Hours in Invoices


You may use legal billing software any time you like if you wish to convert simple billable hours logs into invoices. The law firm billing software you use will help you create any information you like for your clients, and they are more likely to pay you when they are given these forms. This article explains how you may use the forms to solicit payment, and you will feel much better about how much cash flow you have in your office. You are creating a situation that is easy for the clients to accept, and you are not surprising them with random invoices.



#1: Log Your Hours


You will find that the legal billing software is easy to use, and you may log your hours inside the program for each case. This is a simple process to follow, and it helps you avoid trouble with forgotten hours or activities you have not charged for. Everything from loans associated with the case to Florida State University law practice and Longshore case management system files may be managed here, and you will find that it is is simple to check your billable hours for each case. Logging your hours with the case files helps you save time you did not have in the past.


#2: Create Invoices


You may create invoices using the hours you have logged, and the explanation for the hours will be included. Someone who is not using the program must write out each invoice by-hand, and it simply takes too long to complete this process. You may have the program print your own invoices, and they may be printed with the proper letterhead and font. This is a much easier item to create, and you will learn that invoices may be printed in moments.

#3: Adjusting Hours

You have no-charges and pro bono work you must do to ensure that your business will not charge for things that your clients should not pay for, and you will be confident that your clients are only paying for what they should. You may surprise your clients with a few items that will be easier to accept, and you may adjust your hours when you realize there are issues with the time log.

#4: Combining Lawyer Hours

You must combine lawyers hours when there is a partnership on a case. You will print an invoice that shows all the hours that have been done, and you will notice that it is much easier to show your clients how much work has been done on this case. Large law offices must go to great lengths to ensure that they are billing properly, and you will avoid problems that are often common when you have multiple lawyers on the same case.

#5: Reporting Hours To The Court

You may need to submit your records to the court because your attorney’s fees will be paid by the court or through a third party. You will find that the court requires a simple invoice that explains all the work you have done, and you will find that there are a number of reports you may create every month for the same purpose. You must send proper records to the court so that they do not have reason to challenge you or your billing methods.

#6: Faster Customer Service

You will complete all your work in the most-efficient manner possible, and you will find that you are serving your clients in a way that is much better for their overall situation. You should not waste time when you are billing your clients, and you will find that there are many other things you may do when you are spending only seconds on invoices. You will notice how simple it is to ask the program to ring your invoices, and you will see them come out of your printer or send over email in just moments.

There are many people who will pay you faster because you have provided them with a simple invoice and place to pay electronically. You will help your clients feel as if they are cared for well, and they will not be inclined to ask questions or wonder why you charge what you have been charging. You will use the law firm billing software to help your clients, and you may train everyone in your office to use the very same law firm billing software. Your office will be more efficient, and you will earn far more money every month from paying clients.

28 Oct

4 Legal Billing Tips for Immigration Lawyers


Four Tips To Use For Immigration Law Billing


You may use law firm billing software when you are running your practice, and you will find that the Florida State University law practice code, finance department and paralegal staff in your office may all use such a program. Legal billing software will help you ensure that you are saving money, and you will feel much more confident in the billing procedures you are using. This article explains how you may put legal billing software to work, and you will notice that you are a much more efficient and profitable office.

#1: The Law Firm Billing Software Logs All Work


You may use the billing software to ensure that you have logged all the work you do, and you may create an invoice that makes the most sense for you and your clients. They must receive an invoice that will not confuse them, and they must feel as though they may read their invoices without feeling as though you are trying to trick them. Your clients must be in a position where they feel as though you have treated them well, and you must give them quite a lot of information on each invoice.

#2: Law Firm Billing Software Logs


You may log all the work you do using this program, and you will create printable records that you may use to show your clients how much they owe. They will see the exact reason why you have charged them for a particular item, and they cannot challenge you in the future. You must have records that explain everything you do, and this program will create records that anyone could use to justify the work you have done.

#3: Using The Program To Accept Payments


You may use billing software to accept payments from your clients, and they will be pleased to go online to pay you. You will eliminate the need for paper checks, and you will help your clients make payments to you in the fastest manner possible. They do not want to waste time paying you, and they will pay you much faster when they have access to an online payment system.


#4: Setting Up Multiple Accounts


You may use the software to create accounts for each person who works for you. Your lawyers will have their own cash flow, their own clients and their own case files. You will protect each case file inside the program, and you will feel as though your clients are given the finest services possible. They are much more impressed with something that is this simple, and they will keep track of all the work they have done using this basic system. There are many lawyers who need their own space to do their work, and you will provide that when you use a program such as this.


#5: How Do You Send Reminders?


You may send reminders to your clients as texts or emails, and you may dial their phone number through the program. It is a simple system to use so that you may reach out to your clients, and they will be more likely to pay because they have been reminding in the manner they preferred. You are giving a level of customer service that is much more attentive to their needs, and there are many people who will pay you the moment they receive a reminder because that is all they needed. This is much easier for you to handle because the program does much of the work, and you will feel as though you are saving time and money on this process.


#6: Logging Communications


You must log all communications with clients, and you will feel as though you have given your clients a full battery of services once you read over what you have done. They will be happy to know that you have called and emailed them many times, and they will be more impressed with you because they will see how much work you have done. It is much easier for you to justify your bill, and you will show your superiors what work was done on each case.


The billing software you use will ensure that you have the best results for each client you are serving. They will be billed properly based on the hours that you have logged, and you will feel much more confident because you have a simpler way of noting what you have done. Let the software manage much of your work, and you will receive payments without any trouble.


27 Oct

How a Legal Billing Software Will Help You Prevent Under-billing


Accounting Made Simple With LEGAL BILLING SOFTWARE

If your law firm is not currently utilizing a LAW FIRM BILLING SOFTWARE, you might as well be breaking the law. It’s almost like committing perjury since you’d be lying to yourself about how necessary this software is.

  • One-Stop Solution – With software, you can accomplish a number of different tasks that allow for multiple solutions. Killing two birds with one stone becomes, killing many birds with one stone.
  • Save Time – Time is always a precious commodity. When you waste it, you lose out on money and opportunity. Using a billing software will ensure that you will never miss out again.
  • Provide Clarity – Clients want to know with certainty what it is they are being billed for. When you present them with a clear, accurate, and professional bill, your clients will feel much more confident in who they hired.

LAW FIRM BILLING SOFTWARE can be an easy solution for a number of issues that impede efficiency. Since a number of variables can be addressed with this type of software, this makes it a one-stop solution. Saving time is certainly one of the primary reasons that law firms seek out LEGAL BILLING SOFTWARE. Make sure all your hours are accounted for and by doing this, you will have a much better idea as to how everyone is spending their time. Everyone knows that time equals money and precious time needs to be used in ways that benefit the law firm as well as the client. Keeping close track of your hours also ensures you will no longer be under-billing.

Using Templates Help Provide Clarity

Clients will be able to clearly understand what services are being given to them and how effectively you are spending your time helping along with their case. This also helps underbilling. Get paid for the work you complete. Clear, precise information that only a billing software can provide is the best way to increase confidence in current clients and even attract new clients. Having a professional reputation is one of the most important key aspects of becoming a successful law firm. With billing software, you will be able to achieve this confidence and earn a reputation that is respectable and responsible.

Integrity Increases With Longshore Case Management System

Whether you are a small, medium, or large law firm, possessing a great amount of integrity is not only important, it’s invaluable. Integrity means you are performing your job in an honorable way. This means your bookkeeping must be considered top-notch. You need to have concise records that spell out how your money is being managed. Using a software can also help you save money. You may discover that some funds are being foolishly spent or the records may prompt you to seek out more cost-effective solutions, helping you trim off expenses.
Whenever you can save time, you should take advantage of that. A legal software should be simple to use. It should manage your files, your billing, and your numbers. By paying particular attention to your billing, you can ensure that you are billing accurately and this helps facilitate a quick turnaround time. You will also avoid any under-billing. This means actually being paid for all of the work you have completed. This will, in turn, allow your clients to receive their bill sooner, which of course means quicker payments for you. This type of accuracy is a benefit for all parties involved.

You must ask yourself what would be easier and more practical? Are you interested in better managing your time, taking control of your law firm, and taking control over your life? There are truly only upsides when it comes to investing in billing software for
your law firm.

26 Oct

4 Tips to Getting Paid Faster as an Attorney


How You Can Improve Cash Flow

Cash flows are important for all businesses and law firms are no exception to this rule. Law firms that are able to improve their cash flows by collecting charges from customers faster than they otherwise would be able to will have more financial liquidity to pay their bills and payroll, expand as needed, take on potentially lucrative pro bono cases without sacrifice, and distribute more money to partners as needed as guaranteed payments.

There is no simple formula for a firm to get paid faster. Instead, following a wide range of different tips and implementing and executing it can help to get paid faster as an attorney.

Properly Capturing Billable Hours from Employees

One of the keys towards getting paid faster is an attorney involves more faster billing. A Legal Billing software program that allows lawyers to input and capture time by billable project is a real difference maker for a law firm as it allows for:

– capturing billable hours within the legal billing software for easy accumulation on an invoice
– the ability to add documentation to the law firm billing software to make it clear to customers what services you are charging for
– possible integration to an finance accounting system for invoicing customers
– the ability to see who is charging for their time and who may be underbilling customers so more immediate and effective corrective actions can be taken

Clients of law firms want to see proper documentation from the law firms that they work with in order to make sure they are paying fair and appropriate amounts for the services used. A law firm billing software program that accumulates time in an easy to reference way such as the South Dakota Odyssey Case management program can help a law firm to maintain proper documentation for their employees to use and their clients to receive. Doing so can help to ensure a better process that all appreciate and which leads to faster collections.

Efficiently Transmitting Billable Hours and Charges into Invoices

Once time is entered into a law firm billing program it will still need to be transmitted to invoices. The best process involves an partner reviewing and approving this time and then having the time transfer over automatically to invoices with the push of a button. This can lead to faster processing of invoices and which starts the clock on the payment of the invoices. Regular and efficient links between billing software and accounting programs is the best way for a law firm to improve on the collection process.

Accuracy in Billing and Tools for Management to Review Billable Charges

Automatically linked software programs can improve on the accuracy of invoicing by eliminating the data entry errors that can result when an bookkeeper or other financial employee has to key in the information manually by themselves. It also eliminates the delays associated with delays from keying in the information. Having your accounting system automatically linked to your billing program and software can avoid the problems and delays that are commonly associated with manual as opposed to automatically linked programs.

Centralized Information and Employees for Dealing with Clients Who are Arguing Legal Bills

Having a designated employee who is tasked with handling the billing process and communicating directly with customers who are challenging their legal bills will help to improve on Collection times and quantities. Having an employee who is knowledgeable about accounting and finance and can tell the difference between escrow loans and other cash receipts is important. Consider hiring a bookkeeper as opposed to just having a paralegal handle these functions should help to make for a more seamless billing and collection process than you might otherwise have.

The central storing of documentation is also important and this is where a law firm billing software can shine as a repository for billable hours. When customers ask about the validity of a specific charge you have a resource that you can pull information from in order to support the charges that you are making for your law firm. Instead of having to track down information on the charge it is readily available in your billing softwar which can make the payment from clients faster by avoiding some of the delays associated with billing discrepancies.

Improving on your cash flow is a noble achievement for a law firm. By involving a billing software program, integrating it with your accounting software for faster invoicing and having a centralized source for problems, keeping information and billing accurateyou can get paid faster.

25 Oct

3 Tips to Bill and Log Legal Client Meetings


 Learn to Bill and Log Legal Client Meetings Well

Taking care of client needs face attorneys constantly in the legal realm. However, the need for the continuity of the firm depends on the financial stability of the business. This makes billing important. In a law firm or practice, time management is essential to the bottom line. One way to begin eliminating wasted effort is to find other ways to manage things that do not pay the bills. Send a non-legal on jobs unrelated to earnings. Now, the attorney can get on with the business of practicing law. Secondly, design invoices that are plain to read. This averts confusion. These are simple tips. Still, the most important tip is to make sure the attorney is paid for his or her time by using legal billing software.

• Keep track of billable and non-billable time
• Delegate non-paying work when possible
• Keep invoices simple

The three tips to log and bill legal client meetings include the use of Law Firm Billing Software.

• Server or Cloud based
• Practice Management or Timekeeping/Billing

A set of requirements is standard in the legal industry where billing is concerned. These elements are necessary to keep an accurate record of the financial activities of a law practice.

• Account receivables (through credit card and cash channels)
• Hourly billing or Flat rate
• Time logging
• Invoice creation
• User access

Server Based:

The server based requires the physical installation of legal billing software. Unless there is, a computer savvy lawyer on staff that has the time to dedicate to setting up the office computers. IT professional will be required. The yearly cost for several attorneys each year will not come cheap. This little dance will require repeating each year. Since lawyers require security, an older program may not get the codes required for security updates.
Cloud Based:

The cloud based is a reach from anywhere software with a secure environment. Cloud programs start with the simple application. The system maintains itself, updating when new versions affect the program. The cloud system offers the advantage of tech support for users. Nevertheless, some programs are not the best for attorneys. It is better to follow the recommendations using School of Law online resources to find the best operatives. Cloud based servers are less expensive than the former yet finding exactly what is required for legal billing software takes a bit more patience.

Time Keeping Billing:

Legal billing software required for multi-users presents a format for lawyers to manage trust accounts, bill clients and receive payments. This time management billing provides a method for each individual attorney to access and log time and bill clients.

Practice Management:

The Florida State University Law Practice uses practice management software to assist in controlling calendars, managing authorizations, logging documents, and schedules. Legal billing software is the automated connection to other devices, making the information required to function as a busy attorney within reach, day or night.

Billing Software Advantages:

Law practices want to maintain a strong position in finance. Legal management software prevents the problem of repetitive information and double billing. It keeps business files up to date leaving information current. Financial records and schedules are easier to follow by authorized personnel. Access to some levels is blocked. Access is only allowed by qualified personnel.

Law Firm Billing Software is available on a host of levels. However, lawyers have a standard set by law and must show care in choosing software to use in a law practice. Skillful decisions in the selection of software may improve the value of your firm. Billing hours missed through negligent invoice and billing practices can make a big difference to anyone bottom line.

24 Oct

5 Legal Billing Tips for Health Law Attorneys


Health Law Attorneys: Legal Billing Tips

For health law attorneys, like attorneys in other industries, billing is vitally important. Without proper billing, both the attorneys and their clients in the health field, will feel shortchanged and frustrated. Using law firm billing software can help, but there are other techniques health law attorneys can use to make sure their billing is handled correctly in addition to legal billing software. These techniques can ensure the billing process is handled properly and it is fair and accurate. The following are a few billing tips health law attorneys may find helpful.

Tips For Better Billing Accuracy

In addition to law firm billing software, using the following methods can lead to a more accurate accounting of the time health law attorneys spend working on their clients’ cases.

1. Provide Detailed Descriptions Of Tasks
2. Avoid Block Billing
3. Enter Time At Regular Intervals
4. Communicate With The Client Regularly
5. Follow Ethical Guidelines

Taking these steps is important because billing problem can derail a promising career. Many attorneys lament that billing practices are not covered in enough depth in law school. Many lawyers are force to learn the intricacies of billing after graduation when they are out in the real world working in their law practice. At that point, they begin to understand the challenges involved in accurately capturing and documenting billable hours then explaining and justifying to their clients why those hours of legal work were necessary to handle the case.

1. Provide Detailed Descriptions

While law firm billing software may show how many hours an attorney worked on a case, providing the client with detailed descriptions of the tasks completed during that time helps them understand what services the bill actually covers. Most clients would happily pay for billable hours that helped to produce results they can see. This is more effective than Mac productivity software for helping clients understand exactly what was done and how long it took.

2. Avoid Block Billing

Whether a health law attorney works for the New York City Law Department or a private firm, they should stay away from block billing. To many clients block billing is used to mask inefficient use of time. Rather than billing for large blocks of time for vague tasks, break the time down into smaller increments and state exactly what was done during that period. This will eliminate questions the clients may have about the invoices and make them more apt to pay it quickly.

3. Enter Time At Regular Intervals 

The best way to ensure your billing is accurate is to log the time spent on specific tasks into the law firm billing software at regular intervals. When you do this and bill frequently it makes it easier for the client to monitor what you’re doing and you won’t lose track of your billable time. If you don’t always have easy access to your legal billing software, make a written note of the time required to complete each task and transfer it to the law firm billing software as soon as possible.

4. Communicate With The Client Regularly

When clients feel they are being kept in the dark, it can lead them to question their legal bills. If you communicate with your client on a regular basis and use simple language, it eliminates confusion about the bills, allows clients to be able to follow the legal activities that are taking place and keeps the client happy. This will make them willing to pay the legal bills without questions because it will be clear to them exactly what tasks the bills cover.

5. Follow Ethical Guidelines

Following ethical guidelines with billing practices will make the bill paying process go a lot smoother. The attorney should be open and honest with the client from the very beginning. Establish a reasonable fee, clarify the fee agreement and put it in writing before beginning to work on the case. Discuss any additional fees, added expenses or rate increases with the client before doing the work and billing them for it. Let the client know beforehand if there will be interest charged on delinquent accounts. Earn your retainer fee. Don’t expect to be paid for work you have not completed.

Being clear with your client from the very beginning and throughout, keeping communication lines open and complying with ethical guidelines in regards to work completed and your billing practices are effective billing tips. They can endear you to your clients and help you to find success as a health law attorney.

23 Oct

How a Legal Billing Software Will Help You Turn Expenses into Invoices


Using a Legal Billing Software for Cash Flow

The typical law firm will operate with a relatively simple formula. They will hire young lawyers who are mentored and monitored by partners in the firm and other experienced staff members, will pay their salaries and attract clients for their business. Salaries to lawyers are often projected to represent about a third of revenues, with another third for overhead and the remaining third for profits. Law firms major costs therefore are mainly the salaries that they pay and the overhead costs that they cover. Finding ways to improve on this formula can greatly improve on revenues.

Using a Legal Billing Software to Increase Billings 

A law firm billing software program operates by lawyers capturing their billable hours and attributing them to the various clients that they work on. Each line item that they input, which can be as small and minute as ten minutes, will have information that lets the client know what they were working on to avoid any potential refutation of charges. Many clients will have some real sticker shock when they get an legal invoice because, lets face it, legal expenses are not small. A law firm billing software program can help to avoid these issues and allow your firm to charge clients appropriately for the services incurred and turn the largest expense item in your firm, the cost of hiring, paying, and retaining employees into revenues.

Law firms can also find employees who aren’t contributing to the firm through billable hour printouts and finding ways to focus on improving their performance or replacing them with more productive alternatives in the firm. In the long run, replacing unproductive lawyers can help a firm to turn their payroll expenses to revenue and invoices.

Keeping Track of Expenses Incurred on Behalf of Clients

Lawyers will often pay or incur costs on behalf of their clients which they can then pass through with reimbursable expense charges. Keeping track of these expense reimbursables can be a real challenge for a law firm and sometimes may not be worth the effort without a well designed system such as those that are available through law firm billing programs or expense reimbursement programs that allow a firm to automate the invoicing of these expense items.

Some typical client related expenses that you can probably recover through charges may include:

– travel costs relating to the clients case
– costs associated with obtaining and retaining specialists to represent the client and testify on their behalf
– meals and entertainment costs incurred on behalf of clients
– filing and court fees incurred
– printing and report fees created on behalf of the client

A Legal Billing software program can help you to properly accumulate these charges so that you can bill them back to your customers appropriately and not lose track of them. While being able to pass on these costs is part of any standard contract with a lawyer, many firms will simply lose track of them and miss charging them. Studies by the Washburn University and the Florida State University Law Practice discussed how improved efficiency of charges can greatly improve on the total charges that you can often pass on to your clients in this way.

Integrating a Legal Billing Software With Your Finance Software

It is also a good idea to try to integrate your legal billing software with whatever accounting ERP that you use as your law firm can then quickly and efficiently send out invoices and not spend money on expenses for clerical accounting work that is really no more than data entry. Automated accounting systems that integrate with your billing software are more than just efficient ways to lower your cost structure with the creation of invoices, but also a way to avoid clerical mistakes that may end up resulting in you having to revise invoices and potentially miss out on being able to charge for these amounts.

Billing software programs that are designed specifically for law firms can therefore provide some real valuable services for firms that are looking to improve on their efficiency and to turn what are and could be expenses, into invoices and revenue. Look for an billing software that allows your employees to efficiently and effectively capture their time and which integrates with software that allows you to charge your clients seamlessly. Even though the legal industry isn’t a technology driven field, there is no reason why technology cannot make your law firm more efficient and effective in the business world and help you to grow your profits.

22 Oct

4 Legal Billing Tips for Labor Law Attorneys

Labor Attorneys and Law Firm Billing

The one thing that labor attorneys and their law firm deal with besides advising employees and employers is to handle legal cases when advice is just not enough. Then they must deal with case management including billing. There are at least four tips that are beneficial for both the lawyer and the law firm involving the billing side of cases. Technology has helped in this part of running a law firm whether large or small with LAW FIRM BILLING SOFTWARE. 

Four Legal Billing Tips

1. The first tip for labor lawyers or any attorney and the law firm is to make use of LEGAL BILLING SOFTWARE. This software is beneficial for more than just billing, but invoices are fast, easy and all inclusive when using one of these programs. They have features to keep the entire case in one database that can be accessed by the lawyer and staff. The features include a calendar to keep appointments or court dates and it can log both phone calls and email to the client. The most important part when it comes to billing is the time tracking feature and invoice generation.

2. This tip is how LAW FIRM BILLING SOFTWARE useful both in and out of the office since it has the technology for use of handheld devices that the lawyer can use out of the office. This can be to make notes, add information into the case database that can be translated to billing time or fees that apply to the case. This kind of office software can be time-saving for the staff and lawyers. It keeps all the case data accurate and easily accessed by anyone that needs the information.

3. LEGAL BILLING SOFTWARE technology has developed further than when the programs first began appearing in law offices. Now it is possible to store the information in the database on a cloud. This can be a wise choice since computer systems can malfunction or require new systems installed. Then the law firm is not taking out loans to pay the staff member. Since doing the billing and adding the database into a new computer system can take days or weeks. Instead, access to the program database is safe and waiting to download any relevant data into the law office computer. Clouds storage is safe for the database from the legal software and it also means it can be accessed from anywhere. But most of all it means if the computer system goes down or gets infected with a virus the data is safe. It did not used to be that way unless there were daily backups made information could be lost.

4. When picking out the LAW FIRM BILLING SOFTWARE they have differences and one of the difference is they can have features or elements that are specific for the different types of law practice. A software program for a real estate law firm would not be beneficial to the lawyer practicing labor law. Having the right tool is essential for any business. When it is a law firm having organization is essential for successful case management.

What Using a Case Management Software Can Mean for the Law Firm

The labor law firm that uses case management software to input case information and does billing can mean it is a legal services corporation. Since corporations run efficiently if they want to make a profit law firms can learn a lot from them by using this technology related software it’s a start. The ability of the features track and time can avoid any forgotten fees a lawyer may have and at the same time provides the client a clear invoice. This is also a software program that the law office paralegal will be able to access when necessary or add notes that the lawyer will be able to see. This can be helpful for meetings and to have additional information when in court.

The sofware has the technology built-in to store telephone call details that is a benefit when calling clients and call back reminders. It has built-in calendars and docketing, plus a built-in search that can show conflicts of interest, searches by day, week, month or year.