Why a “no-charge” is the Best Thing You Can do on an Invoice

4 Sep

Why a “no-charge” is the Best Thing You Can do on an Invoice


Why You Should Consider Adding A No-Charge To Your Invoices

You must consider how you will build invoices for your legal clients, and you will find that everyone from the Tennessee state courts to the Legal Information Institute would recommend that you not charge for certain things. This article explains the tight record keeping that will go on when you are using law firm billing software, and you will discover that you may make a change that is quite substantial.

#1: What Are You Charging For?

You are charming for your time when you use legal billing software, and you will find that even an advanced diploma in legal project management teaches you quite a lot about what to charge for. You must not charge for everything because you will seem fairly greedy, and you must have a look at how you present the invoices you send to your clients.

#2: Presenting Each Invoice

You must write up each invoice with the exact things you have done, and you will find that there are a number of things you would not charge for. You may use the legal billing software to show that you will not charge for these things simply because it is not worth it, and you will show your clients that they are not paying for things that seem quite small. They will be quite happy with you because you did not charge for certain things, and you will set a precedent in your office that values certain principles over others.

#3: The Design Of The Invoice

You may use the law firm billing software to ensure that you have the proper design for each invoice. You will notice that the invoices help you save time when explaining what you are charging for, and you will feel as though you are not making your clients feel overwhelmed. They will want to know why you do not charge for certain things, and you may show them that you simply will not charge for short phone calls and communications. Your clients will see you as benevolent, and they will be happier with your service.
#4: Certain Things Are Worth It
You must use the law firm billing software to log everything you do in a case, and you will find that you may adjust the invoice any time you want. This allows you time to remove anything that should not incur a charge, and you will find that certain cases should be pro bono. This is the point at which you must speak to your clients about your decision to not charge at all, and they will learn why their case has been escalated to this level.
#5: Write Notes On Your Invoices
You must include note son your invoices that will help your clients understand the exact reasons for each charge. You may not realize that you are in a position where you must explain every item, but you may have clients who simply need to be told these things. They will have a written record of why you charged, and they will have the explanation of why you are not charging. This is a simple matter to handle, and you may file the notes with each case.
#6: The Invoice System Saves Everything
You will have a saved record of everything you have charged for, and you will find that you may pull up each part of the case file at any time. You will save the records permanently, and you may print records when you need them. You may need to pull up old records for clients who simply have returned, or you may need to transfer records to your clients and future attorneys.

#7: Sending Records To The State

You may send records to the state when requested, and you will send them over the secure server you have. It is much easier for you to make changes to your billing and invoicing system when you know that you may call up these records at any time. You will be feel better knowing that you are using a system that is approved by other lawyers, and you may share documents through the system because it connects everyone you work with.

The billing software you use will change the way you manage your practice, and you will find that it is much easier to control how you bill and how you are paid. You may alter all your no-charges to ensure that your clients are saving money, and you may do so on a broad scale when needed.

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