How Legal Billing Softwares Can Sort and Analyze Billing Data

27 Sep

How Legal Billing Softwares Can Sort and Analyze Billing Data

How Legal Billing Softwares Can Help With Your Billing Data

Legal billing software is a set of codes, or instructions, all neatly compiled in a software product offering. This software has been developed with the explicit purpose of assisting various process associated with running a law firm. The software tracks client payments and allows for simplified billing processes. Tracking time and expenses are also streamlined, there is no longer a need to ever miss a billable hour! Attorney Humor.

What legal software has to offer your legal practice

Law firm billing software is actually a total solution to running your legal practice. Why is legal billing software a total solution? Because of the software’s ability to sort and analyze billing data. Certain programs can offer features such as time tracking, document management trust and IOLT accounting, online invoicing.

What are my law firm billing software product offerings?

A host of law firm billing products are available to consumers, whether running a small practice or a firm solo. The first example of legal billing software:

The first of the examples of software that has sorting and analyzing abilities is Bill4Time. Founded in 2006, a free trial of this product is available. Payment processing is provided by a variety of payment solutions providers (LawPay, Stripe and PayPal). One user described the pros of the program commenting it was “easy to fill out for billing.” Another reviewer noted the convenient chart feature “the charts it generates are useful to see how much you’ve billed on a weekly basis.

The millennial version of legal software

A slightly younger company (founded in 2015)and created especially for a certain type of lawyer, offering supreme solutions for litigators. CaseFleet stands out from the other cloud-based solutions. With a legal billing and invoicing display that is easy for users to understand and operate, CaseFleet has amassed a crowd following of loyal software fans. A reviewer stood out from the crowd and complained that maybe CaseFleet is not worth the money, “I can’t get this software to show my dates.”

Powering the entire office

Up next is ProTempus, simply known as Law Office Software. Featuring services tailored towards a solo and small law firm setup, this is a secure management software solution. And cloudless. That stands out from many of the other cloud-based programs populating the law software space. The ability to retain data on a private network is offered, away from the cloud. The ability to authorize personnel access to data is a user perk. ProTempus proudly offers assistance with:
• Billing/invoicing
• Case Management
• Calender/Time Keeping
• Trust Accounting
• Accounts Receivables
• Contact and Task Management
• With an emphasis on financial gains

With an emphasis on financial gains

Next is a software that describes its purpose as enabling enhanced client service to legal professionals of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Rocket Matter is an eCommerce revenue machine, the product comes with a bold promise, your bottom line will increase 20%. Okay, maybe not your bottom line, however, revenue will see a 20% spike increased, specifically due to the use of Rocket Matter. This is a company that has been around for awhile, founded in 2008, Rocket Matter holds pioneering status as one of the first cloud-based products available. This is self-described as an all-in-one management platform, empowering users with “the most powerful time and billing software in the industry.” Currency generation is important, so is going paperless, Rocket Matter proudly helps users achieve both. One user who had been actively using for more than two years commented on the overall performance noting it is “an excellent cloud-based comprehensive system for small firm solo lawyers.

A reasonable and affordable price point

Straight up defined as billing software for lawyers comes Time59. This is time and billing software for lawyers. One satisfied customer noted the affordable price point making Time59 a popular option and highly reviewed “a phenomenal piece of software at an incredible price.” An aspiring paralegal in the process of obtaining her Legal Assistant Certificate also commented on the performance of the legal software, “my experience – Time59 has it all for the best price.”

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