How a Legal Billing Software Will Help You Convert Your Billable Time into Invoices

30 Oct

How a Legal Billing Software Will Help You Convert Your Billable Time into Invoices


How To Use Legal Billing Software To Convert Billable Hours in Invoices


You may use legal billing software any time you like if you wish to convert simple billable hours logs into invoices. The law firm billing software you use will help you create any information you like for your clients, and they are more likely to pay you when they are given these forms. This article explains how you may use the forms to solicit payment, and you will feel much better about how much cash flow you have in your office. You are creating a situation that is easy for the clients to accept, and you are not surprising them with random invoices.



#1: Log Your Hours


You will find that the legal billing software is easy to use, and you may log your hours inside the program for each case. This is a simple process to follow, and it helps you avoid trouble with forgotten hours or activities you have not charged for. Everything from loans associated with the case to Florida State University law practice and Longshore case management system files may be managed here, and you will find that it is is simple to check your billable hours for each case. Logging your hours with the case files helps you save time you did not have in the past.


#2: Create Invoices


You may create invoices using the hours you have logged, and the explanation for the hours will be included. Someone who is not using the program must write out each invoice by-hand, and it simply takes too long to complete this process. You may have the program print your own invoices, and they may be printed with the proper letterhead and font. This is a much easier item to create, and you will learn that invoices may be printed in moments.

#3: Adjusting Hours

You have no-charges and pro bono work you must do to ensure that your business will not charge for things that your clients should not pay for, and you will be confident that your clients are only paying for what they should. You may surprise your clients with a few items that will be easier to accept, and you may adjust your hours when you realize there are issues with the time log.

#4: Combining Lawyer Hours

You must combine lawyers hours when there is a partnership on a case. You will print an invoice that shows all the hours that have been done, and you will notice that it is much easier to show your clients how much work has been done on this case. Large law offices must go to great lengths to ensure that they are billing properly, and you will avoid problems that are often common when you have multiple lawyers on the same case.

#5: Reporting Hours To The Court

You may need to submit your records to the court because your attorney’s fees will be paid by the court or through a third party. You will find that the court requires a simple invoice that explains all the work you have done, and you will find that there are a number of reports you may create every month for the same purpose. You must send proper records to the court so that they do not have reason to challenge you or your billing methods.

#6: Faster Customer Service

You will complete all your work in the most-efficient manner possible, and you will find that you are serving your clients in a way that is much better for their overall situation. You should not waste time when you are billing your clients, and you will find that there are many other things you may do when you are spending only seconds on invoices. You will notice how simple it is to ask the program to ring your invoices, and you will see them come out of your printer or send over email in just moments.

There are many people who will pay you faster because you have provided them with a simple invoice and place to pay electronically. You will help your clients feel as if they are cared for well, and they will not be inclined to ask questions or wonder why you charge what you have been charging. You will use the law firm billing software to help your clients, and you may train everyone in your office to use the very same law firm billing software. Your office will be more efficient, and you will earn far more money every month from paying clients.

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