Legal Billing Software: Road for Success

15 Oct

Legal Billing Software: Road for Success


Legal Billing Software: Road for Success

A good piece of office software can change your life. By automating the dreary and repetitive tasks, busy legal professionals save time, money and headaches. Todays product offerings for legal billing software are a diverse bunch, all types of legal software options to ease process from payment to case filings. Most of all the legal software options are available on your phone, some have apps, all with functions executable via iOS of Mac productivity platforms.

An active and well-represented category of software

Law firm billing software is a product that is highly-reviewed, right up there along with Gucci satchels and Pokemon plush characters. In fact, the rankings for the top 20 Legal Billing Software performers have just been ranked, compared and reviewed.

How the product offerings were reviewed

There were some stand outs, excelling in categories that other software did not offer. Most of the legal billing software does just that, smoothly handles and executes billing processes. Many companies offer products that offer legal billing as an option, the main star is a legal management website or service. If possible, choosing a legal management service, which features billing solutions as an option, could offer greater rewards than choosing a service provider with limited selections.

The first example of software that made the list

MerusCase, for example, is a cloud-based offering (some are not cloud-based) that is suited to all sizes, complex and large, down to solo. This is actually an important distinction because many law billing providers serve specifically small sized law firms and solo attorneys. For $39 a month (per user), participants have access to training and support options:

• Cloud, SaaS, Web
• Documentation
• Webinars
• Live Online
• In Person
• Online
• 24/7 Live Representative Access

A legal product with a huge following

Another company that is represented in the top legal product list is CaseFox. Besides a cute namesake, CaseFox has a massive online following, with one of the highest amounts of reviews posted. A cloud-based service provider, CaseFox has a target audience. This is software best suited for certain professions, investigators, psychiatrists, consultancy firms would benefit best from the billing features. Solo to medium size firms would perform best with this software. The reviews are solid and consistent. Stephen, a paralegal that has used the software for at least a year reported that it has enormous timekeeping potential, remarking “this is a great timekeeping software that is easy to use.”

Free and High-Performing

With an equally attractive name comes SlickPie. Billed as the perfect accounting software for small businesses or solo entrepreneurs, perhaps it is perfect- it is free. Serving freelancers and non-profit groups, the reviews posted online have been overwhelmingly positive, way above positive. One of the few complaints was the lack of a web browser extension button for Google Chrome. One user, Mohon, remarked on the addition, noting “they heard my humble requests and finally released a Google Chrome extension.” Mila, a production manager, also reviewed the product and posted a review commenting “it’s a handy way to send invoices and get paid.”

A simplified beginner user experience

The road to success in law billing can lay in the integration of the product into your current situation. The ability for the product to interact with data sources at the office is key to the overall success of the product. If users cannot import information easily, the efficiency of a product is moot. Seamless coordination and data merge procedures, are essential. A road for success will be a smoother one, Firm Central, offers cloud-based management system software. Seamless work flow is their middle name. Besides streamlining work flow, the latest in leading industry security measures are present – keeping valuable data safe. Tested by a user based at South Dakota Odyssey Case Management studies, noted the superior performance of the law firm billing software, notes “its intuitiveness, flexibility and ease of use.”

A capable legal software product will pave your road to success

The ability to track account activity, run reports, capture billable hours and track expenses are all features that top legal billing software offers.

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