How a Legal Billing Software Can Keep You On Track

12 Oct

How a Legal Billing Software Can Keep You On Track


How A Legal Billing Software Can Lighten Your Work

Legal software, law firm billing software to be precise – has a variety of purposes. Sure, we all know that a powerful software tool can help to analyze data. It is the ability of legal billing software to keep office practices and you – on track.
Let’s discuss some of the ways that billing software can assist with offices processes, and how law firm billing software products – can enhance office productivity and keep you on track.

How law firm billing software can help keep you on track

Legal billing software, true to the namesake, assists participants with the legal billing process. The software created and developed by teams of senior engineers have added other features to programs. These additional features are also helpful and assist office flow. A multi-purpose software option, sometimes known as a complete legal software solution, will often have added benefits. Besides handling billing, features such as legal calendaring and practice management. Help in these areas could save legal professionals time, money and sanity.

MyCase streamlines legal office flow

Take for example MyCase, a legal software product. Developed to assist lawyers and all things law, MyCase comes laden with features:
• Web-Based with Mobile Access
• Document Management and Assembly
• Secure Client communication Tools
• Time and Legal Billing Features
• Organized Cases
• Online Payments

MyCase takes it a step further than managing legal finance to help keep busy law professionals on track. This company offers professional websites, QuickBooks Integration, Scheduled Payment plans and contact management.

A business management solution keeping law offices on track

BQE Core is a business management solution, with users reporting enhanced Mac productivity for users, as well as PC users, Mwith the simply designed and smooth interface. An online reviewer posted a comment reflecting on experience with the software noting “I’ve been a user for two years.” The software helps to keep professionals on track with strong time management features, also offering synching and invoicing via QuickBooks.

LeanLaw keeps users on track and excited

Also keeping law office across the United States on track is LeanLaw, another legal services solutions provider. The main consumer target of LeanLaw is a group composed of small and solo law attorneys. The theme behind this company is to lighten the “drudgery” of the typical office workload. Recently, a case worker assigned to the South Dakota Odyssey Case Management program had the opportunity to use the program with resounding success. “Their customer service is wonderful: responsive, thorough and friendly” one user raved. Another thanked the product for a life-changing experience, “they get what it’s like to practice law and have built a product around a law firm’s needs.”

The many offerings of Zola Suite

Zola Suite is created to offer multiple ways to track and bill time. Users have the ability to create multiple timers, as well as set automatic timers for emails or phone calls. Self- described as legal practice management software, users have the power to convert tasks entries to time entries. The ability to also convert activity log entries to time entries is offered. Track times through desktop or mobile device, both iOS and Android compatible. The area of time entry is a segment that has been smoothed and refined, the following features are offered:

• “No Charge” option and “No Charge Don’t Show” selections
• Flat fees can default automatically to “No charge Don’t Show”
• Select increments to round-up, per matter (e.g. 6 minutes)
• Enter time in decimals or HH:MM formats
• Conversion into UTBMS codes for LEDES applications

How Needles keeps law professionals on track

A sharply named contender, Needles is the leader in law firm software, with a solid reputation in the industry as a Case Management Software leader. The platform developed by Needles blends easily with any law practice type, of all shapes and sizes. Making this a universally popular option, the software also has the ability to integrate with multiple programs including accounting and document management programs. Some law services providers have created Needles with the success of their office, one happy and pleased user exclaimed: “I really cannot imagine running a personal injury practice without Needles.”

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