A Lawyer’s Financial Survival Guide:

10 Aug

A Lawyer’s Financial Survival Guide:


How to Survive Your Law Career

A career in law can be a fascinating profession. Attorney’s have the chance to try different cases and meet new and interesting people each and every day. However, it is important for an attorney to keep a watchful eye on the company expenses as well as revenue.

Why You Should Use a Law Firm Billing Software

Therefore, it may be a wise decision to implement the use of Law Firm Billing Software. Law Firm Billing Software can help a legal practice run more efficiently and it can keep billing and other internal issues more organized.Law Firm Billing Software can help generate several billing statements with the simple click. In addition, Law Firm Billing Software can be used to:

*Accurately track trust account balances.
*Track client contacts.
*Automatically update addresses, phone numbers & employer information.
*Keep appointment calendars updated.

Software of this kind can make running a practice so much easier and profitable in the long run. Saving precious time as well as money is something that all business people strive for. Law Billing Software can be accessed on line from a variety of companies offering similar services. Many organizations that sell Law Firm Software are now offering a 30 day free trial.

Legal Billing Software provides automation for legal professionals. Legal Billing Software is a useful automated tool that allows professionals to pay closer attention to deadline management issues by using special data management calendars and other related tools. Meeting specific deadlines is of critical importance especially when it pertains to the legal community. Missing an important deadline can have dire consequences.

Legal Software of this kind will also help professionals:

*Better organize specific documents and emails.
*Keep accounting information up to date.
*Improve general account management and Billing practices.
*Provide a level of Internal security.

Perjury is a word that is heard quite frequently within the legal profession. This frequently used “P” word can be defined as lying within a court of law or while under oath. It is quite serious if a person lies under oath. Lying while under oath or within the court of law can have serious consequences including stiff fines and jail time. Any punishment related to lying within a court of law would be imposed by the sitting judge. Some very helpful advice is to tell the truth while in court or within the presence of a judge.

*Law Schools & Legal Information Sources:

The Legal Information Institute is a useful service that was made possible by Cornell Law School. Cornell Law School is one of the top law schools within the United States. This service is free of charge and it provides a variety of helpful legal information to its users.

Cornell Law School actually developed this unique legal information service. Users can obtain information concerning civil and criminal matters. In addition, users can also look up information concerning any new court rulings or modifications. Well known landmark case information may also be obtained through this exceptional legal information service. Attorneys do use this service from time to time.

The University of Georgia is an institution of higher education. The school has been in existence since the late 1700’s. Currently there are over 600 alumni members who are former graduates of the University. The school offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees.

The University also has a school of law. The University school of law is a professional graduate school that offers law degrees to its students. The Law division current has an enrollment of over 800 students. In addition, the school offers special internship as well as fellowship programs. Some very fine attorneys have graduated from the University over the years.

Finally, running a successful law practice takes careful planning and organization. A Survival Financial Guide for attorneys may include implementing special and very effective legal software. Software of this kind can make managing a law firm so much easier. It certainly can not hurt to try this amazing software for your legal firm or practice. Law Firm Billing Software can make an award winning law practice even better.

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