Easy Ways to Track Non-billing Expenses

18 Oct

Easy Ways to Track Non-billing Expenses


Easy Ways to Track Non-billing Expenses

Law Firm Billing Software provides easy ways to track non-billing expenses. The legal system has many areas, Immigration, Bankruptcy, personal injury, labor law, Criminal law, family and health law and the list goes on. Each time an attorney sits down with a client, researches a case or handles a court appearance; this cost the attorney time and everyone wants to be paid for his or her time.


• Clarity
• Accuracy
• Timely billing
• Less paperwork
• In house accounting

Legal Costs:

It is important to avoid the chance of ruffling a client’s feathers with charges he or she feels are unfair. The best way to manage any questionable charge is to maintain accurate records. Date pages accurately, and place why, when and what for in plain billing language. When a client uses legal services, costs add up. Telephone services are needed; documents require copying, even lunch may become a part of the expenditure. It is important to lists these charges before they are overlooked or forgotten entirely.

Poor Bookkeeping Loses Money:
Failure to charge for services dilutes the efforts of the firm. Investigative services are not unusual in legal cases, servers are necessary, and travel expenses add up, reaching beyond the cost of actually sitting down with the client. These costs take away from profits unless charged to the client. The listing of cost for an attorney falls under a different arrangement. The spending of money by an attorney for a client is a loan. However, this money rates as positive income, although it seems to be flowing away from the company’s bank account. The expectation is the monies will be repaid, therefore, considered an asset.

While struggling with retainer fees, referral, flat rate or consultation fees, getting everything down in the correct order is a little distracting when winning a case for a client is the goal. Nevertheless, without money in the bank, the attorney cannot handle any case effectively when he or she is worried about the rent. Law Firm Billing Software improves the chance of better earnings.

Separating Charges:

The New York City law Department uses Legal billing software as an easy way to track non-billing expenses while maintaining a clear record of billable expenses. Washburn University trains students to use legal firm billing software to manage a variety of billing and non-billing requirements.


Legal Billing software updates billing tracking each added expense. Phone calls, copy cost, and legal research fees are a legitimate cost but out of the average consideration for normal billing. List Attorney Fees with Simplicity. A Software improves the efficiency of financial data. Stopping to log information is easier, while the workflow is uninterrupted. Law firms capture more of their funds and lose less time from billable legal services when using Law Firm Billing Software.


Legal software is a secure way to manage non-billing while creating a quick way to track time and money. Each lawyer has access if the firm chooses to give it and can log time and any loans given during the course of the day. Legal organizations might have problems if funds flowing into the company are missed through poor billing practices. Billing is done when the expense is created with the detailed information listed, making tracking cost easier on everyone. Improper billing can affect the amount of taxes paid causing loss of income or legal difficulties.

Hiring an Accountant:

If a financial service is hired later, this also distracts from the bottom line. If an attorney is operating a one-person firm, tracking non-billing costs is crucial and more demanding without legal software. The ability of the firm to grow might hinge on tracking cost and time. A new firm can ill afford waste.

Tracking cost eliminates wasted effort while preventing clients from taking advantage of the attorney’s time. Solicitors can concentrate on doing the best job possible for clients and they are able to show clients any charges related to their case if obligated to do so. The objective of every business is to earn money. Tracking non-billing cost is one way to help that process along.

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