Accept Online Payments with a Legal Billing Software

10 Oct

Accept Online Payments with a Legal Billing Software


Law Firm Billing Software


Ride at the forefront of the latest in e-commerce payment solutions, targeting legal billing software, also commonly known as law firm billing software. You may wonder exactly what law firm billing software is designed to do, and how many product offerings are there of legal billing software.


It turns out there are quite a few options, it’s a competitive market. Regardless of the specialty practiced, all attorneys need digital assistance with time and billing management. This is where law firm billing software is rated.


The criteria for evaluating the software will include a variety of factors. The responsiveness of the market will be measured, how many online reviews have been posted? After measuring the quantity of the reviews, ratings have been compiled based on the strength and quality of the online consumer reviews.


Here is a list of the best and brightest, the Top 6 Law Firm Billing Software options, ranked and compiled from across the web. In no particular order, here are the top six contenders.



A popular client network



PracticePanther offers legal payment solutions software, with a current client base composed of “thousands of law firms” congregated across an impressive 35 countries. PracticePanther billing software is designed to assist attorneys, helping to automate their firms and legal processes. This is a must for increased work productivity!


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Track expenses on enabled devices
  • Track contacts and scheduling
  • An encrypted client portal ensures secure message transmission


A legal management solution combined with payment solutions


Clio is known as a legal management solution, that offers billing services within the program. Cleo is cloud based technology. Paralegals have reviewed Clio extensively online. Some users noted the advanced nature of the software and learning curve. One user said that certain features are “difficult to get used to.”


Utilization of a cloud-based platform


TimeSolv Legal Software is also a cloud-based solution. This program was initially designed exclusively for law firms. The flexible nature and extremely popular user interface have led to growth over several industries. Accountants love using TimeSolve, it integrates features like time trackers. Consultants, accountants, and freelancers all actively use the software. Mac productivity, or people that like working on apple products, all can use the popular product.


An interactive software experience


AbacusLaw is a product, coded by senior programmers, developed specifically for legal practice services. The software is interactive, growing along with the business. This software is known as case automation software. One of the tasks performed by the software is the automation of deadline management. Abacus also has the ability to centralize all documents in one area (emails, notes) directly generated for signature-ready form. One dedicated paralegal noted the exceptionally designed user interface commenting “I have used Abacus for over 10 years and have found it to be extremely intuitive to use.”


An award-winning industry-changing product offering


Another software option arrives in the shape of MyCase. This is an award-winner, receiving honors for customer service. The Silver Stevie Award celebrates and recognizes high-caliber customer service providers, MyCase was the recipient of one. Known as a innovate online system, this is created for lawyers. A reviewer from a Florida State University law practice commended the high customer service standards set by this company commenting “it is easy to use, good customer support.” Another satisfied customer said that the training of the customer service personnel was exceptional, reporting “they generally get back to you within 24 hours.”


The last but not the least


Next is Smokeball, a software that specializes in legal-centric processing tasks. Features of this software include case management, billing, accounting, time-tracking, calendaring and contact management. On user detailed the experience, the product “features rich client and document management systems” while “integrating well with the office for document automation and email tracking.” The results were not always positive. Some users had higher expectations for legal software complaining this “is a poor billing program. No accounting or linking with QuickBooks.


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