6 Ways to Show Your Client Exactly What You Bill them For

30 Sep

6 Ways to Show Your Client Exactly What You Bill them For

6 Ways to Show Your Client Exactly What You Bill them For

Effective communication between an attorney and his or her client is beneficial to both parties, especially when it comes to billing and any legal tasks that are performed. Clients who are confused about the fees they are charged may not be satisfied with the outcome of his or her case. Using law firm billing software, written agreements, and consultations works well for both the attorney and the client. Here are some ways you can let the client know about the fees that they must pay.

How to Effectively Explain Billing Fees to a Legal Client

  • A client must understand what they are being charged for. A written fee agreement is the proper procedure for effectively communicating legal fees with them. After signing, the agreement becomes a legal and binding agreement.
  • Using proper procedure, an attorney must be direct and firm when explaining fees with the client. An explanation of payment dates, late fees, and payment methods is obligatory.
  • Law firm billing software can be purchased to send invoices to the client. They can be purchased online or at any electronics store.
  • A detailed invoice that lists dates, times and an explanation of each task that was performed is appreciated by the client. To avoid confusion, invoices printed from law firm billing software is a wise purchase for every legal business. One copy is kept in the clients file and the other is given to the client.
  • Cell phone apps are the norm today, both for businesses and for personal use. With an app that quickly directs the attorney to their legal billing software, payments can be easily tracked, especially if the attorney is out of town. This serves as a convenient method of payment for the client too.
  • An attorney may refer their client to an online nonprofit agency such as the Legal Information Institute whereby they are able to better understand the law that governs each state and county. This online service also enables clients to understand any legal fees that they may be charged. This is a free service available to clients who want to know more about the law or for those who have questions about their case.

Legal Information is Available at No Cost Online

The nonprofit agency mentioned above may prove to be handy to clients when in doubt about legal procedures and fees. It helps them to better understand the laws they live by. An attorney may want to refer this information to their client to avoid confusion about the procedures used involving their court case. It may even improve their relationship with the client.

Case Management Software by Odyssey

To better manage any legal business, many accounting law firms use the South Dakota Odyssey Case Management software system to review court cases. They find that this excellent software program tracks court cases effectively whether they are in their state or in the county where the trial is held. The Odyssey Product Suite is a trusted software management system that offers attorneys the ability to find useful information that proves to be invaluable to their law firm and the case they are working on.

For more efficient client billing, legal billing software is a tried and true method of charging legal fees for an attorneys legal services. Law firm billing software allows the attorney to list dates, times, a list of tasks and fees charged in order to avoid confusion. To improve attorney, client relationships, both verbal and written agreements work well to serve both parties. Without a binding written agreement, relationships between clients and their attorneys can become strained, resulting in a poor public image. Referring the client to online information may also improve relationships, enabling a client to understand certain legal procedures and answer any have questions they may have.

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