6 Legal Billing Tips for Immigration Lawyers

20 Oct

6 Legal Billing Tips for Immigration Lawyers


Immigration Lawyers: Legal Billing Tips 

Immigration lawyers deal with a lot of legal documents. Without proper records, it may prove difficult to bill clients for services rendered. As a result, you do not get compensated well for your services as you may charge less or more. This is why it is important to have legal billing software to help manage the firm’s accounting department.
Here are six tips every law firm needs to know about law firm billing software.

1. Obtain authorization from the district office

It is important to obtain all the required authorizations from the district office to ensure that you have paid the correct tariff. You will need to highlight all the work you have performed to get the proper authorizations.
Lawyer Services and Payments (LSP) do not take into account discretion without the proper authorizations. As such, it only pays the maximum tariff without these authorizations, thus resulting in money lost.

2. Hearing days should be billed correctly

There are several factors that are taken into consideration when billing hearing dates and entering the hours in the billing software. For starters, you should enter the hours you attended and leave out waiting time as your services were not in use then. For adjournments, ensure that evidence was presented before the court; otherwise, it is not permissible to bill for adjournments.
When billing for hearing days, ensure that you clearly specify the services you provided as well as the results of the case; be detailed and avoid generic descriptions.

3. Billing for letters

You will find it necessary to send letters regarding your case to your client and other relevant parties such as representatives and other lawyers. You should charge for these letters too.
The amount you decide to charge per letter is entirely dependent on you. However, you should not charge based on the number of letters you send. Instead, charge as long as the letter you sent to each party is unique. In other words, if you send the same copy of a letter to multiple parties, then ensure that you charge only once for the letters.
It is not necessary, but it pays to be detailed – as such, ensure that you explain how the letters you send will advance your clients’ cases.
4. Work with a reputable software designer
The efficacy of the legal billing software will depend on the expertise of its designer. With so many designers online, it may prove difficult to settle on one. However, there are several reputable companies that specialize in designing law firm billing software. As such, review several of such firms and choose one depending on your needs.
You also have the option of buying standard billing software or getting a custom-made one—the latter option is better as your law firm is unique and hence needs software that meets all your needs, but keep in mind that it may cost you more than the former.
5. Integrate credit card processing
Credit cards are the preferred means of payment by many people. As such, it would be prudent to integrate credit card processing with your law firm billing software.
Integrating credit card processing will be good for you as well as your clients. For starters, it will make it easier for your clients to pay online without the hassle associated with cash payments. Additionally, it will reduce the amount of work you have to do to process payments on your end.
Some standard billing software feature credit card payment options. However, it would be better to custom-design your software to ensure that it can work with all types of credit and debit cards and for mac productivity.
6. Integrate billing and-accounting
Billing and-accounting are two independent departments, but they should be integrated to make it easier to keep track of, and process, payments.
The software is responsible for cashing invoices, while the accounting-department keeps track of money-related matters. Without proper communication, it becomes difficult to keep track of these payments especially if the billing software accepts credit card payments. This is because most credit card merchants tend to batch deposits, hence making it seem as if multiple payments from different clients are a single deposit.
Immigration and refugee cases are complex enough without the hassle of keeping track of payments. As such, get billing software to keep track of payments and ensure that you get paid well for your services – it will make your work in South Dakota odyssey case management much easier.

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