5 Tips to Bill and Log Legal Phone Calls

30 Oct

5 Tips to Bill and Log Legal Phone Calls


What To Learn After Law School

Billing is a nuisance to all lawyers in the industry. Unfortunately, law school does not offer the experience that is billing. There are many wrong ways in which you could capture bills, for example, a lawyer who thought he could bill a client 29 hours in one way. You can consider using the a legal billing software to do your billing. The following are some top five tips on ensuring effective billing.

1. Get Money Up Front

It is recommendable to get money in advance because the clients are happier making decisions beforehand rather than hitting the client with the bill after receiving the services. You can :

• Discuss a payment plant with the client where they pay in phases
• Discuss whether the client can pay beforehand or after.

While billing you should also make sure that you find the perfect balance of invoice detail. It is the attorney’s job to explain the charges and not the client’s job to figure out the details. If the client is still unhappy with the charges you can decide if you want the client of if you desperately need the money and if you do, you should never cut the fee but instead quote it for the person because discounts tend to have more clients who default their payments. Moreover, install a top legal billing software or get legal services corporation.

2. Pay Attention to Detail

For starters, you should give the client detailed items and this is something that clients are sure to appreciate and have fewer questions about the invoices. This means that you should break down your time and billing by some characteristics like;
• File
• Client
• Practice area
• Matter AreaA description which is also brief will make it hard to evaluate the aptness of a particular duty executed and still the time used to perform that particular task.

3.) Do Not Bill In Blocks

Block billing defines the practice of recording a collection of responsibilities in a block summary in one single time entry. One should break down the number of tasks you have so that you do not have too many large blocks of time at one particular time. You should bill early, often and strategically. Instead of billing hours more than two hours on responding to discovery you could break this down into;• Reviewing demands
• Reviewing files
• Telephone conferences
• Summarizing depositions
• Calling client on matters of missing documents

Also make billing a habit. You should not the time you start, the time you finish and enter the exact times make sure to be accurate. When billing your time, you should make sure that as you begin, you must have to have an end-goal in mind and effective time keeping will lead to billing accuracy that in turn leads to satisfaction and loyalty.

When you do block billings, this can be seen like a way to hide incompetence and numerous courts don’t allow block billings since it impedes actual reimbursement of lawyer fees subsequent a judgement that has been made.

You should also familiarise yourself with client billing rules,Mac Productivity and techniques and these guidelines are usually inside the customer’s retaining or letter of engagement. The payment procedures may contain employment limitations, budgetary procedures, disbursement guidelines and also detailed timekeeping rules. Ask if there is a legal billing software that will fit the clients needs.

A particular client also an assigned code that is unique to the client and the purpose of familiarizing yourself with customer billing procedures is education and properly applying the myriad of specialized task grounded payment codes matchless to each other. Confirm if there is an available law firm billing software that will suit the clients needs.

4.) Use of Simple Language

You should always remember you audience when you are recording time entries. Your clients are not lawyers so most of the time they may not be able to understand the jargon of lawyers. Your clients could be;

• Elderly people
• Unskilled labourers
• People with only a high school diploma

This means you should avoid complicated legal terms, abbreviations or slang when you are describing activities that are billable and instead use simple terms so as to not frustrate you client. Look for the available law firm billing software to ease the billing work.

You should also remember that not only one person but by various individuals at different levels and even third part auditors, a paralegal and legal professionals.

5.) Ask For Referrals

Many clients that have accounts that are not in the well to do category simply do not have the money that you require from them. Sometimes letting a bill go unpaid may be good for business sometimes. Most clients that experience financial hardship cites this as the main reason for not paying their legal fees however some lawyers let unpaid bills go in exchange bills go for referral business, but one should be careful when doing this so that they do not operate on complete losses.

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