5 Better Ways to Structure Legal Fees

25 Jul

5 Better Ways to Structure Legal Fees



Why It Is Important

It is extremely important to properly structure your legal fees to avoid preventable issues, such as perjury. That is common since it is so easy to make a mistake when recording legal fees. There are variety of ways in which these legal fee plans can be structured and there are benefits to each of them. Continue reading in order to determine for yourself which one is best for your particular situation. Consultation fees are a common way to deal with it in which the attorney charges an upfront cost. In personal injury lawyers, they often use contingency fees which means that you get a percentage of what the client is rewarded. There are also flat fees and of course, hourly rates. Hourly rates is most common type of of legal fee structure. All of this can get confusing, especially because you might have to deal with several client who are all using a different plan. Another reason it is so important to properly structure your legal fees is to keep everything in order. Every lawyer hates dealing with time recordings and transferring all that information to whatever structure their client is requiring them to use. A LEGAL BILLING SOFTWARE could help with this.


The Solution To Structuring Legal Fees

What exactly is a LEGAL BILLING SOFTWARE? It is a technology that has completely revolutionized the legal field because it makes it so much easier and more efficient to deal with organizing legal fees. This will help with your accounting Law and make things go more smoothly and quickly in regards to earning money. You will not have to worry that you made a mistake or recorded something incorrectly now that this software exists. It is the perfect solution. This is a great option for attorneys who want to save time and money and become more organized in their life and job. This type of software also works great for firms because it allow more than one attorney to use it at a time and they can all be under different rates and plan structures. That is why LEGAL BILLING SOFTWARE options are such an amazing choice for people who work in the legal industry.


The Ways To Structure Your Fees

There are several different ways you can structure your legal fees in order to get the best results in your job. Which one you choose will depend on what type of work you do, but there is an option for every field that will be fair for the attorney and the client. Some of these factor include the amount of time required for each project, your experience in law, and your reputation with working with other people. It is important to carefully evaluate all the different options before you choose something that will work for you. Here are the top five ways to structure your legal fees:

  • Charge a flat fee. This is usually the best option if the case is very straightforward and simple.
  • Charge an hourly rate. This is most common arraignment to have because some cases require vast amounts of work. Sometimes the hourly rates will depend on the time of work involved. These set ups usually benefit from a LAW FIRM BILLING SOFTWARE.
  • Charge a Retainer Fees. These fees are usually based on the attorney’s hourly rate and are a set fee. This is typically used in on call situations.
  • Charge a Statutory Fee. These fees are set by the court and are common in bankruptcy and probate cases.
  • Charge a consultation fee. This refers to the first hour meeting that you meet with the client. This will be used to determine if the lawyer is a good fit for you.


The Best Success

The greatest results usually occur when a LAW FIRM BILLING SOFTWARE is used. There are options that will be able to accommodate all the legal fee structures that were outlined above. They will not only save you money in the end, but they will also cut back on all that tedious work of penciling in your schedule and how long you spend doing what. That is the worst part of legal work and this software is a great way to skip that step entirely. It will keep you better organized and you no longer have to worry about making mistakes. All of these are part of the Fundamentals of Law Practice and will lead you toward greater success in the future.


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