4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Block Billing

28 Sep

4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Block Billing


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Whether you’re a prominent Harvard lawyer, a simple data entry lawyer or tax clerk, a law student or anything in between, you’ll be far better off doing two things: avoiding any block billing methods made by you or by your service provider and also using a special legal software program to conduct all your transactions. With these two, it’s not easy to go wrong. Try them out, and you will see exactly why. Plus, four basic reasons are offered below, further proving the point: It’s time to face the facts, friends; the world is not what it once was, and neither should we be – the ways of doing things, first of all, have undoubtedly changed as a result.

1. It’s easier to make mistakes that way.

Since block billing usually employs more direct and manual methods, though this is not always the case but rather the usual norm, it’s far easier to just install or download a simple program that will fill all these functions and complete all the necessary steps for you in a moment’s notice. It’s easier. It’s faster. It’s smarter. Wouldn’t you agree?

2. You could end up making less money.

Since it’s easier to make mistakes using this more traditional system, as a result, it will also become far easier to lose money as a result of those mistakes. Putting all the efforts of your work into one sole time block, even if you worked at numerous times spontaneously, can easily result in leaving you with one or more activity – or, God forbid, block of time – unaccounted for. We never want that to happen, now, do we? After all, time is money, and money is time; waste one, and you end up wasting both – not to mention your hard work.

3. There are better ways to do things nowadays.

LEGAL BILLING SOFTWARE or LAW FIRM BILLING SOFTWARE are perfect examples right here: They are both easier to use and more cost-effective, too; sometimes, a good LAW FIRM BILLING SOFTWARE is all you need to get the process done smoothly and efficiently. This software includes everything from timekeeping sheets to bookkeeping record forms to calendars to stopwatches to timers to local billing regulations and state or county guidelines as they vary from region to region: Sometimes the software you hold can also automatically update itself through an online connection; in this way, it can keep all its information and settings relevant and up to date all throughout the process. It’s also far easier to keep track of – and even trace – new or past files while categorizing your confidential information however you best see fit.

4. It frees you of potential “bill padding” – or bill fraud – as they call it.

Bill padding, or bill fraud – as it is more commonly known – is illegal in every U.S. state. If you have made a mistake of this nature, now matter how great or small, then you are guilty of committing bill fraud and may face fines, penalties, business foreclosure and even jail time. Make no mistake: It is a highly serious legal matter, especially for those who work in legal matters themselves; to say that you are slightly breaking the law is but a great understatement as you are doing so much more.
Avoid block billing as much as you can.

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