3 Factors in Making Your Legals Clients Happy While Charging More

23 Sep

3 Factors in Making Your Legals Clients Happy While Charging More


Making Legal Clients Happy/ Charging More:

*Keeping the Client Happy/ Top Priority:

Lawyers can do an excellent job servicing their clients. However, it is no secret that attorneys do not come cheap. There are even attorneys out there that charge legal clients even more than most attorneys charge.

There are ways to keep your legal clients happy while charging them more money. Keeping legal clients happy can easily be done by:

*Making yourself accessible to the client.
*Promptly returning their phone calls.
*Send the client current billing ledgers in a timely fashion.
*File court documents quickly and accurately.

By simply doing some of the things mentioned here, you would be very surprised how happy you can make an existing client. making yourself as accessible as possible to the client means a great deal. Client’s hate it when they have to repeatedly call the attorney in an attempt to get in touch with the attorney.

*Keeping your word. commitment:

When an attorney tells the client they plan to file important court documents on such and such a date it is important to make certain the filing gets done on the date or dates the attorney mentioned. Clients never mind paying more money as long as the work is getting done as promised.

Legal Billing Software can certainly help a law practice run more efficiently. Legal Billing Software has a host of benefits to both attorney and client: Legal Billing Software will produce positive results such as:

*Time is saved generating billing invoices.
*Trust accounts are accessed more easily.
*Appointment scheduling is done more efficiently.
*Calendars are updated automatically.

*Investing in Legal Software: Benefits:

Investing in Legal Billing Software is an absolute plus. Software of this kind saves a great deal of time and less billing errors or mistakes are made. Calendars with important client events can be accessed instantly.

Law Firm Billing Software also helps a law firm conduct business more efficiently and accurately. Law Firm Billing Software will assist with sending important client message through a secure portal. In addition, up coming tasks, due dates as well as accounting ledgers can be accessed with a simple touch of a button.

Software of this nature can actually permit the attorney to work less and make more money over time. In addition, using efficient software for billing purposes allows more time for office staff to address other internal issues that must be resolved. Billing software companies will many times offer attorneys a free 30 day trial period prior to making a commitment to purchase the software.

*Importance of an experienced Paralegal:
A Paralegal Specialist is a trained person who can assist an attorney with a variety of tasks within the office. A Paralegal is trained to recognize specific legal issues pertaining to client cases. In addition, in many cases a paralegal can answer legal based questions for a client if the attorney is unavailable at any given time. Therefore, a paralegal is a valuable asset to an attorney.

A paralegal can essentially take a great deal of the burden of the attorney so that the attorney can focus on more important aspects concerning running a reputable law firm.

Harvard Law School case management is available to faculty and staff as well as students. The information supplied through the case management web site covers a variety of legal practice areas. Therefore, students studying to become a lawyer can benefit greatly from this useful resource.

This informational resource supplies a variety of information concerning:

*Docketing & Scheduling issues.
*Contract & Client Management issues.
*Billing as well as Document sharing.

The information technology department at Harvard is located at Wasserstein Hall in Cambridge Mass. There will be a cost to obtain certain information and also staff members do charge for copies.

*Project Management as it pertains to Law:

Advanced Diploma in Legal Project Management is so very important to law schools. A diploma in project management as it pertains to the legal profession will teach new graduates how to start a law firm from scratch. In addition, it helps teach law firm case management issues for new attorneys.

This is a very important program and a great deal of useful material will be learned. Law schools place great emphasis on a program such s this. This program will teach skills such as:

*Cost analysis and budgeting.
*Adjusting fees/ improving attorney client relationship.
*Proper use of Templates.
*Utilizing software tools for integration purposes.
*Evaluate new internal projects.

There is a great deal to know when you are running a successful law firm. Clients who pay top dollar to their lawyers certainly have the right to expect top notch service and attention. keeping the client happy should be a number one priority. A happy client will bring about more business in the future. Some attorneys may charge up to $600 per hour.

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